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Monday, February 25, 2008

Web Hosting Service

Web hosting makes a Web site available on the Internet. A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to provide their own websites accessible via the World Wide Web. A web hosting service provider sells or for free (with advertisements on the web page) is a business that provides the servers and technologies to view web-sites on the internet.

A web hosting company will offer clients access to a server that will provide the clients’ content to individuals on the World Wide Web after they make a URL or domain name request. To view pages on the web, you must have a web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator to request the web page from the server after you have purchased internet access. Hosting companies require that you buy your URL or domain name first before you purchase hosting services. Most hosting companies have a package that will allow you to buy the domain name and hosting at the same time.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

on line video

We know that publishers are quickly adding video to their sites andlooking for ways to earn additional revenue. If this sounds like you,look no further than AdSense for video, our solution for qualifyingpublishers. You may remember that we announced AdSense for video as apilot last May.Since then, we've tested a variety of ad formats with the interest ofusers, publishers and advertisers in mind.

As a result, we've decidedthat AdSense for video will use the InVideo ads adopted on our ownproperty, YouTube, which enable advertisers to make a single buy atscale. Also competing in the auction - and unique to AdSense for videoand AdSense video units - are text overlay ads which are contextuallytargeted to signals in your videos and on the page where the videolives. The InVideo ads are paid on a CPM basis, while the text overlayads are paid on a CPC basis. You can see ad demos at .

While we'llcontinue to test a variety of ad formats, we believe that overlays arethe best way to balance user experience with the needs of ourpublishers.AdSense for video is now available to publishers who, at a minimum,serve one million video streams each month and are based in the U.S.with English language sites.

In the near future, we do plan to expandthe program to more publishers of various sizes and locations.You may be wondering how this offering differs from the other videoadvertising solutions that AdSense (and YouTube) have rolled out inthe last year. To give you an overview, we've launched a site .To apply for AdSense for video beta, please visit the AdSense forvideo page on the Google Video Advertising Solutions site at .

You canalso learn about the various ways to earn revenue from video contentby watching this video.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Site maintenance on Saturday, February 16-Adsense

Our engineers will be performing routine site maintenance from 10 am to 2 pm PST tomorrow, February 16th. While you'll be unable to access your account during this time frame, your ad serving won't be affected and your reports will continue to track data as usual. Here's the start time of the maintenance for a few cities around the world:

London - 6 pm Saturday

Bucharest - 8 pm Saturday

Mumbai - 11:30 pm Saturday

Manila - 2 am Sunday

Brisbane - 4 am Sunday

Enjoy the weekend!

Posted by Dragonjambala- AdSense Publisher Support

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lucky number ten

Two weeks ago, we let you know that the PIN and phone verification processes would be automatically triggered at $10, rather than $50. Along those same lines, we've also updated how it works to choose a form of payment and enter tax information in your account. Because we don't pay out earnings of less than $10, you'll only be able to choose a form of payment and enter your tax info once your earnings reach $10. When you first sign up for AdSense and log in to your account, these options won't be available yet.

So when it comes to payments, consider 10 your new lucky number. Once you receive your PIN or a notice to verify your phone number, you'll know it's also time to head to your account and enter your tax information and select your form of payment. Then you'll be on your way to receiving your first payment -- lucky you!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

10 Tips To Design The Most Creative Website

The craze of World Wide Web is continuously increasing currently. At present, the benefit of the website is realized by business. If we would like to develop our company in World Wide Web, then it's necessary to create the most creative website, so people can visit our website and want to take the information about our services and products. It is said that the first impression is the last impression and your website is the first impression to your target prospective clients. The impression should be developed by your creative website in visitor's mind so it's essential to create more creative website for first impression on our client's mentality so they want to visit our site again. To design the most creative website, follow below tips.

1. About Pages
If you want to get the ideas of your visitors, then feedback is necessary. Contact us page is also advisable to start a relation among you and your clients. You must give your email address so visitor can contact you directly and you can give support completely. About us webpage must be included to provide the information about your company. The information can be year of establishment, your growth, and name of country from where you operate. Home page must be included with links to all the other WebPages. All web pages must be given and the link to Home page.

2. Attractive
Your website should be attractive. The color selection for the pages has to be looked nice. The color of background has to be light and design has to be attracted by visitor first look.

3. Professional
Your website should be professional, in proper title pages. The content must be placed and unnecessary content must be avoided in a proper way. At first site, it should be able to show the visitor's interest for continuing your website. For example, you can visit our site - flash web design fort lauderdale

4. Small size of WebPages
WebPages should also be good looking and creative as well. WebPages must not be very comprehensive. Surfing of these types of websites will be simply avoided.

5. Text
Content does not issue; issue is look of expressions in WebPages. The background of the webpage should be light and text should be dark, it will be impressive. To read the text easily, the background should not be dark. All the fonts of the WebPages should be chosen properly which are easily available on every computer. In this case, visitors do not need to install new fonts in computer to read your text of your webpage. They can surf and read your site easily.

6. Capitalized Text
If you want to emphasize something, only when you should use capitalized text. Don't uses capitalize text in every sentences, it is hard to read.

7. Grammar
You should not be careless in text which is written in the webpage. You must not make any mistakes which may prove your ineffectiveness. Before finalize the text of your WebPages, you must check it. Any grammatical mistakes must not be made.

8. Background Images
You should keep minimum background images. Generally, it makes your pages harder to view and read.

9. Image Formats
Generally designers are using two types of formats GIF and JPEG. Let's know the difference between both formats.
GIF stands for Graphic Interchange Format. For different types of images, this format is better with only some different colors like drawing, black and white images and little content that will be little pixels high. It is also supporting transparency. JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. It supports 16 million colors which are the best suited for photographs and complex graphics. It does not work well on line drawings, lettering or simple graphics.

10. Frames
When you are using frames in your website, it makes website ugly, confusing and more complicated.
Thus, the expert web designing companies have the best skills to design and online marketing skill and know that how to develop a website that should be one of the most favorable advertising tools in the biggest market of the world. Are you looking for web design fort lauderdale, you can certainly contact us at Ardis Creative.



Gurkha, also spelled as Gorkha, are people from Nepal and parts of North India, who take their name from the eighth century Hindu warrior-saint Guru Gorakhnath. His disciple Bappa Rawal, born Prince Kalbhoj/Prince Shailadhish, founded the house of Mewar, Rajasthan (Rajputana). Later descendants of Bappa Rawal moved further east to found the house of Gorkha, which in turn founded the Kingdom of Nepal. Gurkhas are best known for their history of bravery and strength in the British Army's Brigade of Gurkhas and the Indian Army's Gorkha regiments. Gorkha is one of the 75 districts of modern Nepal.

The Gurkhas were designated by British officials as a "Martial Race". "Martial Race" was a designation created by officials of British India to describe "races" (peoples) that were thought to be naturally warlike and aggressive in battle, and to possess qualities like courage, loyalty, self sufficiency, physical strength, resilience, orderliness, hard working, fighting tenacity and military strategy. The British recruited heavily from these Martial Races for service in the colonial army.


Gurkhas claim descent from the Hindu Rajputs and Brahmins of Northern India, who entered modern Nepal from the west. Guru Gorkhanath had a Rajput Prince-disciple, the legendary Bappa Rawal, born Prince Kalbhoj/Prince Shailadhish, founder of the house of Mewar, who became the first Gurkha and is said to be the ancestor of the present Royal family of Nepal.

The legend states that Bappa Rawal was a teenager in hiding, when he came upon the warrior saint while on a hunting expedition with friends in the jungles of Rajasthan. Bappa Rawal chose to stay behind, and care for the warrior saint, who was in deep meditation. When Guru Gorkhanath awoke, he was pleased with the devotion of Bappa Rawal. The Guru gave him the Kukri knife, the famous curved dagger of the present day Gurkhas. The legend continues that he told Bappa that he and his people would henceforth be called Gurkhas, the disciples of the Guru Gorkhanath, and their bravery would become world famous. He then instructed Bappa Rawal, and his Gorkhas to stop the advance of the Muslims, who were invading Afghanistan (which at that time was a Hindu/Buddhist nation). Bappa Rawal took his Gurkhas and liberated Afghanistan - originally named Gandhar, from which the present day Kandahar derives its name. He and his Gorkhas stopped the initial Islamic advance of the 8th century in the Indian subcontinent for the time being.

There are legends that Bappa Rawal (Kalbhoj) went further conquering Iran and Iraq before he retired as an ascetic at the feet of Mt. Meru, having conquered all invaders and enemies of his faith.

It is a misconception that the Gurkhas took their name from the Gorkha region of Nepal. The region was given its name after the Gurkhas had established their control of these areas. In the early 1500s some of Bappa Rawal's descendants went further east, and conquered a small state in present-day Nepal, which they named Gorkha in honour of their patron saint.

By 1769, through the leadership of Sri Panch Maharaj Dhiraj Prithvi Narayan Shahdev (1769-1775), the Gorkha dynasty had taken over the area of modern Nepal. They made Hinduism the state religion, although with distinct Rajput warrior and Gorkhanath influences.

In the Gurkha War (1814–1816) they waged war against the British East India Company army. The British were impressed by the Gurkha soldiers and after reaching a stalemate with the Gurkhas made Nepal a protectorate. Much later, they were granted the right to freely hire them as mercenaries from the interiors of Nepal (as opposed to the early British Gurkha mercenaries who were hired from areas such as Assam (ie. Sirmoor Rifles)) and were then organised in Gurkha regiments in the East India Company army with the permission of then prime minister, Shree Teen Maharaja (Maharana) Jung Bahadur Rana, the first Rana Prime-minister who initiated a Rana oligarchic rule in Nepal. Jung Bahadur was the grandson of the famous Nepalese hero and Prime minister Bhimsen Thapa. Originally Jung Bahadur and his brother Ranodip Singh brought a lot of upliftment and modernisation to Nepalese society, the abolishment of slavery, upliftment of the untouchable class, public access to education etc. but these dreams were short lived when in the coup d'etat of 1885 the nephews of Jung Bahadur and Ranodip Singh (the Shumshers J.B. or Satra ( Family) murdered Ranodip Singh and the sons of Jung Bahadur, stole the name of Jung Bahadur and took control of Nepal bringing the darkest period of Nepalese history (104 years of dictatorial rule). This Shumsher Rana rule is regarded as one of the reasons of Nepal lagging behind in modern development and a dark age of Nepalese History. The children of Jung Bahadur and Ranodip Singh mainly live outside of Kathmandu, in Nepal and mainly in India after escaping the coup d'etat of 1885.

The "original" Gurkhas who were descended from the Rajputs (Thakuri and Chetri) refused to enter as soldiers and were instead given positions as officers in the British-Indian armed forces. The non-Kashaktriya Gurkhas entered as soldiers (ie, Magar, Gurung).

The Thakur/Rajput Gurkhas were entered as officers, one of whom, (retired) General Narendra Bahadur Singh, Gurkha Rifles, great grandson of Jung Bahadur, while a young captain, rose to become aide-de-camp (A.D.C.) to Lord Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of India.

The Gurkha soldier recruits were mainly drawn from several ethnic groups. When the British began recruiting from the interiors of Nepal these soldiers were mainly drawn from Magar, Gurung and Limbu, although earlier British Gurkhas included Garhwalis, Kumaonis, Assamese and others as well.

After the British left India, Gorkhalis continued seeking employment in British and Indian forces, as officers and soldiers.

Under international law present-day British Gurkhas are not treated as mercenaries but are fully integrated soldiers of the British Army, operate in formed units of the Brigade of Gurkhas, and abide by the rules and regulations under which all British soldiers serve. Similar rules apply for Gurkhas serving in the Indian Army.

The Gorkha war cry is "Jai Mahakali, Ayo Gorkhali" which literally translates to "Glory be to the Goddess of War, here come the Gorkhas!"

Professor Sir Ralph Turner, MC, who served with the 3rd Queen Alexandra's Own Gurkha Rifles in the First World War, wrote of Gurkhas:

British East India Company army

Gurkhas served as troops under contract to the East India Company in the Pindaree War of 1817, in Bharatpur in 1826 and the First and Second Anglo-Sikh Wars in 1846 and 1848. During the Indian Rebellion of 1857, Gurkhas fought on the British side, and became part of the British Indian Army on its formation. The 2nd Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Rifles) defended Hindu Rao's house for over three months, losing 327 out of 490 men. The 60th Rifles (later the Royal Green Jackets) fought alongside the Sirmoor Rifles and were so impressed that following the mutiny they insisted 2nd Gurkhas be awarded the honours of adopting their distinctive rifle green uniforms with scarlet edgings and rifle regiment traditions and that they should hold the title of riflemen rather than sepoys. Twelve Nepalese regiments also took part in the relief of Lucknow under the command of Shri Teen Maharaja Maharana Jung Bahadur of Nepal.

British Indian Army

From the end of the Indian Rebellion of 1857 until the start of the First World War the Gurkha Regiments saw active service in Burma, Afghanistan, the North-East and the North-West Frontiers of India, Malta (the Russo-Turkish War, 1877-78), Cyprus, Malaya, China (the Boxer Rebellion of 1900) and Tibet (Younghusband's Expedition of 1905).

Between 1901 and 1906, the Gurkha regiments were renumbered from the 1st to the 10th and redesignated as the Gurkha Rifles. One hundred thousand Gurkhas fought in the First World War. They served in the battlefields of France in the Loos, Givenchy, Neuve Chapelle and Ypres; in Mesopotamia, Persia, Suez Canal and Palestine against Turkish advance, Gallipoli and Salonika. One detachment served with Lawrence of Arabia.

During the Battle of Loos the 8th Gurkhas fought to the last, and in the words of the Indian Corps Commander, "found its Valhalla". During the Gallipoli Campaign the 6th Gurkhas captured a feature later known as "Gurkha Bluff". At Sari Bair they were the only troops in the whole campaign to reach and hold the crest line and look down on the Straits which was the ultimate objective. Second Battalion of the 3rd Gurkha Rifles was involved in the conquest of Baghdad.

In the interwar years, Gurkhas fought in the Third Afghan War in 1919 followed by numerous campaigns on the North-West Frontier, particularly in Waziristan.

During World War II, the Gurkhas started with 8 one-battalion regiments and 2 two-battalion regiments; the Nepalese crown let the British recruit 40 extra battalions — 55 in total — and let them serve everywhere in the world. Nepalese Gurkhas numbered 250,000 in total. In addition to keeping peace in India, Gurkhas fought in Syria, North Africa, Italy, Greece and against the Japanese in Singapore and the jungles of Burma. The 4th battalion of the 10th Gurkha Rifles became a nucleus for the Chindits. They fought in the Battle of Imphal.

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AdSense offered Steven many advantages. Its global reach matched's diverse user base, and the fact that it separated the selling of ad space from the management of the site was very important to maintaining the sites' independence and credibility. Steven says, "AdSense allows me to focus on running for visitors. As long as provides a useful service, AdSense helps pay the bills."Ad placementsAs a regular reader of Inside AdSense, Steven was quick to pick up on improvements to the custom channel feature, which allows advertisers to target specific site areas using ad placements. He updated his AdSense HTML code to highlight his site via ad placements and focused on the most important pages and locations within This made the site more appealing to advertisers, as they could begin to target specific page locations and sections. In addition, it gave more prominence to in the AdWords site tool, as you can see in the image below.

Medium rectanglesIn addition to implementing the ad placements, Steven also tried another AdSense optimisation tip and added more image-enabled 300x250 medium rectangle units to his site. Though initially skeptical, as using those units would mean both changing the page layout for all of and displaying fewer ads per page, Steven decided to give the change a try.Accelerating revenueThe improvements were gradual at first, but soon Steven's revenue climbed as advertisers began targeting specific ad placements on, namely the new 300x250 units in prime locations. Within a few months, Steven saw his placement targeting revenue grow up to six times its previous level; it now represents 60-80% of his overall earnings.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Google AdSense Tips

When it comes to profiting from the Google AdSense program, keywords are no less important, and it is vital for all existing and would be program participants to do their research and choose their keywords carefully.

This is because Google will use the keywords included within the site as part of its criteria when deciding which types of ads to host on your site. Including the wrong keywords can cause the program to host inappropriate and less profitable ads, while using the right keywords can bring those targeted ad dollars right to your virtual doors.

Navigating the waters of keywords and their effect on Google AdSense is not easy, however, and one of the most common mistakes seen by web consultants is focusing exclusively on the highest paying keywords. These webmasters naturally assume that the highest paying keywords will naturally yield the best results but in fact this is not always the case. After all, it is not enough for a Google AdSense enabled site to merely attract visitors. In order to be successful and profitable, that site must keep visitors there long enough for them to review, and click on, the ads being hosted.

It is therefore, essential for all AdSense program participants to look at their sites with the eyes of a visitor. This can of course be difficult to do, but it is an essential part of the customer service process. It is important to look at your site as if you were encountering it for the first time. Take note of what the site has to offer, what it does well, and what could be improved. It may be helpful to have several others look at your site as well and provide their feedback. This kind of honest feedback can be invaluable in producing a truly useful, intuitive and user friendly experience for visitors.

As you review your own site, consider the type of ads you would most likely expect to see there. For instance, if your site focuses on the antique car hobby, you might expect to see ads for car restoration companies, car show promoters, car parts catalogs and websites and the like.

After you have determined which types of ads you would like to attract to your site, try to incorporate the appropriate keywords into your site. Using keywords that are both popular and profitable is a winning strategy when designing your site to maximize AdSense revenue.

There are of course many ways to research the relative popularity of keywords, some free and some not. If you have an account established with the Google AdWords program, you can check the statistics available at the site to determine which are the most popular keywords in your area of expertise. In addition, the site provides the Google AdWords Keywords Tool. This handy tool allows website owners to quickly and easily find alternative keywords to use on their sites.

In addition to the tools provided by Google itself, there area number of other programs and websites which allow users to research keywords and choose the right ones. These keyword tracking tools can be quite valuable when it comes to designing, tweaking and optimizing websites for maximum effect and maximum AdSense revenue.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Benefits of Having a Virtual Call Center

A virtual call center is a call center that can function using the Internet as their infrastructure. A call center is a business that works by absorbing certain business functions of a corporation so that the client organization is free to concentrate on other business functions to stay competitive in its industry. Hence, all call centers need a call center solution that can help make the call center more productive and more profitable. One such virtual call center solution is the Oracle Contact Center Anywhere call center software which is now being offered by Promero (a Certified Partner of the software manufacturer Oracle.)
The first benefit of using this virtual call center solution is that the call center agents need not be concentrated within just one geographical location. Rather, the call center company can become a virtual call center running different smaller virtual call center facilities in different places. This means that though your main contact center may be located in the US, the virtual call center technology allows the company to also have a virtual call center in the Philippines, a virtual call center in Indonesia, and maybe a virtual call center in India (as deemed necessary by your company.) This makes the Oracle Contact Center Anywhere call center solution a boon to companies that need to have dispersed operations throughout the world.
Second, this call center software is said to provide excellent return-on-investment for the call center company using it because it can heighten agent productivity. Agent productivity leads to successful contact center operations. Your contact center agents gain the capacity for seamless switching between an outbound to an inbound call and vice versa because of this call center solution agent interface.
Third, the call center technology behind this Oracle call center software allow remote contact center agents to function on the same level as real-time users.
Fourth, it is adaptable for use by a virtual call center of any size. So whether you have one virtual call center in Manila, Philippines which is manned by just 10 agents while another virtual call center of yours based in Calcutta, India has 100 agents, this virtual call center software can be scaled up or scaled down as needed for your enterprise.
Fifth, this virtual call center solution is reliable enough to serve as a back-up disaster recovery system for the contact center, guaranteeing that the system will always be functional throughout all aspects of the call center system.
Sixth, call center technology has progressed so much with this virtual call center solution that supervisors can monitor and guide agents even from remote locations. This means that if you are a contact center supervisor based in the US and you have an agent in the Philippines who needs help during a call, the Oracle call center software will permit that in real time.
Seventh, the Call Recording function of this call center technology permits the call center virtual transactions to be recorded appropriately so that the call center staff can review the details of the transactions as needed.
Eight, the virtual call center software uses call center technology that is compatible with every phone type.
Ninth, this virtual cal center solution from Oracle is compatible with nearly every type of hardware configuration.
Lastly, customer relationship management improves because agents are able to meet more needs even for the same prospect or customer with a more effective call center solution.
So if you are planning to put up a call center of your own, no matter how small or large, you may want to consider using the Oracle Contact Center Anywhere product instead.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Login message clarification for adsense

"Welcome! You're signed in to Google Accounts under the email address and your Google Account password, but this is not a valid AdSense login."

We’ve heard that there’s been confusion among publishers about this login error message -- especially if you're absolutely positive that you’ve used the correct email address when logging in. (And 99.9% of the time, this is the case.) To help you access your account, we’d like to provide you with some clarification and tips for troubleshooting.

If you’re seeing this error message, this means your AdSense account shares the same login and password as a Google Account, but the two accounts are not linked. As a result, when you try logging in at, our system will only grant you access to your Google Account -- not your AdSense account. To resolve this issue, you’ll need to maintain two separate passwords.

The easiest way to proceed is to first ensure that you're logged out of Google Accounts for any other products you use, such as Gmail or AdWords. Then, change your AdSense password at You’ll be asked to submit your login email address to us, and we’ll then send a reset link to that address. When changing your AdSense password, please be sure to select a unique password that you’re not using with any other Google product. After you've changed your AdSense password, please try logging in again at

We understand that this is inconvenient, and we apologize for the confusing situation. We’re working on migrating all AdSense accounts over to Google Accounts, and in the meantime, we appreciate your patience.


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