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Thursday, March 11, 2010

100,000 Credit cap-ENTRECARD

100,000 Credit cap!

This is just an email reminder that as of March 31, 2010, Entrecard is capping all accounts at 100K credits. If you don't have 100K credits in your account, this will not affect you in anyway. If are you one of the lucky few that was able to save over 100,000 credits, please find way to bring your credit below the 100,000 mark. You have less than 3 more weeks to spend your credits! Please show support by advertising on your favorite sites/blogs. You can also buy services and even list your credits for sale in our new Marketplace below. Again, when March 31 comes along, all accounts will be capped at 100K credits (linked blogs combined).

100,000 Credit cap!

If you don't want to pay cash for the credits, there are other ways to get them! Just visit the new marketplace and sell anything. Try selling banners ads or text ads on your site/blog. Offer service you're willing to do for credits. Take advantage of this time. We have lots of users with credits that are ready to spend. From now until March 1, 2010 is your best time to accumulate credits!

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