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Monday, March 31, 2008


Welcome to Online Casino Bluebook a FREE online guide to popular online casinos.

Online Casino
We have listed are top online casino choices. Players will be able to play there number one vegas style casino gambling games. Play craps, baccarat, blackjack, slots, poker, keno and bingo. These internet online casinos where hand selected based on these primary principles.

Online Gambling Guide
Top customer support, largest free casino bonuses, best loyalty bonus programs and best internet casino game payouts.

Strategic guide on how to play the casino game of blackjack
Blackjack is America's Favorite Casino Table Game

- The house edge is less than 1% , with the correct strategy play

- Easy to learn, Very fun to play


Blackjack Tutorial
The purpose of blackjack is to defeat the dealer's cards by accumulating a gross that is greater than dealers gross, or by not going over 21 when the dealer does. Having a total greater than 21 is called "breaking" and the casino dealer wins automatically.

Online Card values

An Ace values are either as 1 or 11.
Cards 2 thru 9 value as their face values.
The 10, Jack, Queen and King are all grossed at 10.
Because an Ace may gross as 1 or 11, a player will need to decide its count. You should of cross assume the value to which make your hand nearest a blackjack. The gross in the same hand (from 11 to 1 for instance) to keep your hand from going over 21.

A casino hand including an Ace is named a soft gross, if the Ace can be valued as either 1 or 11 without being greater than 21. A casino hand that includes an Ace is called a hard total, possibly if the Ace must be grossed as a 1 to keep the online player from busting.

Playing Online Blackjack

Pre the deal, all bettors have to place a bet by betting chips. Each casino player and the dealer are dealt two cards. One of the dealer's hands, the up card, dealt up so bettors can view its value. The other dealer's card, is down so its unknown to the other players.

Its important to re mine your self that blackjack is between the player and the casino. The other players at the table can not affect the outcome of your play.

Also, there are no plays that are left to the dealer, all regulations of play are already predetermined by the online casino.

Hit. - means you'll take another card.

Standing. - means you have a value that you feel will beat the dealers and you don't need to draw any more cards.

Doubling down. means to double your wager and draw one more card.

Splitting pairs. means to split a pair. If you receive a pair of 3,3, than you may request to split that hand to increase your chance to draw to a bettor hand

Insurance. Insurance a bet made on the side, your given 2 to 1 odds that the dealer has a blackjack. Normally you pass because the odds are not in your favor

General Online Blackjack Chip Colors

White, $1

Red, $5

Green, $2

Black, $100.

Blackjack or "Natural"

A blackjack or natural is when you have a made a hand that grossed a total of 21 with two cards. This hand pays 1.5 to 1 and is the biggest reason blackjack is such a great game to play at an online casino.

Also a blackjack is the most powerful hands in casino blackjack. It cannot be beaten, only a tie can result if the dealer too has a 21. Of course you can call insurance in this position and still win even money. I'd recommenced that bet if you are risking a lot on one hand.

Blackjack Rules

Burn Cards
Only applies in brick and mortar casinos. Its when the first card of the shoe is burned. Its there to help detour card counting.

Also called a bust, when your hand exceeds the value of 21

Cut Card
Only applies in brick and mortar casinos. Its what is used to cut the deck post shuffle. Usually the host player at the table cuts.

Double Down
To double your wager when in an advantageous position.

Double For Less
To double less than your original bet when in ad advantageous situation.

Flat Bet
When you continually make the same bet hand after hand.

First Base
Only applies in a multi player games. Its the player who acts first in a hand.

Heads Up
When you are isolated and only play against the dealer.

To draw another card

Hole Card
The card the dealer has the is not visible to the public. The mystery card.

A side bet made to protect your hand against the dealers blackjack. Normally not a good bet unless you count cards.

Also called a blackjack, is when your two cards total a 21. THIS IS THE MONEY HAND!

When both the players and dealers hands have an equal numerical value. Bets are returned to player.

Only applies to brick and mortar casinos. Its where decks of cards or store before being dealt.

Soft Hand
A hand that has an ace in it. When ever you have to different totals.

Split Hand
A hand where you can split and make into two hand increasing or decreasing your advantage over the dealer. A very smart blackjack move.

To wager half your bet before cards are given.

To draw no more cards.

Stiff (hand)
This is when you have a value of a hand that's between 12 and 16. Basically a hand with a small odds of winning. Not a hand you want.

Not available on all blackjack games. Its when you end your hand early but loose half your wager.

Third Base
In my opinion the best pos ion. This is the position where the players acts last and basically determines the dealers outcome. All the players at the table depend on you to play good hear.

Up card
The card that dealer show to the rest of the players.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How to develop your niche

Developing your niche really is that hard especially if you don't have any help. Take a minute and think about this...when you were a young kid...there were things that you loved to do whether it was play video games, sports like baseball and football

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Backward link building

Link building is a full time job in itself; however, the long term benefits can drastically outweigh other forms of internet marketing, although it is a little more complicated than we have explained. There are many aspects to running a successful backward link campaign.

Fore instance, while obtaining a huge amount of links from all sources may work well for your search engine ranking on MSN, Google, and to a lesser extent Yahoo, tend to only count your incoming links from relevant web sites. Further to this, the actual popularity of the page carrying your link is also a factor when your backward links are being assessed by the search engine robots.

Other key factors also come into play to, such as how many other links are leading out of the page; the position and surrounding written word, known as anchor text surround your backward link, and another very important factor, the wording of your text link. There are also other angles that have to be considered when choosing how to implement a link building strategy, such as server I.P. addresses and link farms to name a couple which we will briefly cover on the relevant pages in this site or in the glossary.

Get Links Now offer differing campaigns to suit all budgets and strategies. Have a read through the back link strategies we offer through our navigational links to see if any of the link building packages suits you and your needs. Please be advised that all packages will be tailored to suit your individual needs.

First you need to register with us. There is a registration fee of £25.00 (GBP) roughly $50.00 (USD) depending on exchange rate which is refunded against your first purchase. sign up

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Google closes DoubleClick acquisition

You may have seen today's announcement that Google has completed its acquisition of DoubleClick. The combined company will offer more tools for publishers, enhance productivity and provide additional revenue opportunities so you can focus on creating more relevant content and improve the user experience on your websites. We will also work with our existing publishers to better monetize their inventory by combining DoubleClick's and Google's strength in inventory management, ad serving, and optimization.If you have a DoubleClick account, rest assured that everything will continue to operate as usual, and that you'll receive the same support you're used to. For more information, please read our press release.Posted by Kim Malone -- Director Online Sales & Operations, AdSense

Monday, March 10, 2008

Bhaktapur-Nepali Historical view

Bhaktapur (27.67°N 85.43°E. Also Bhadgaon or Khwopa) is an ancient Newari town in the east corner of the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. It is located in Bhaktapur District and has approx. 78,000 inhabitants. The male inhabitants of this city wear a special type of cap called the Bhaad-gaaule topi. This city is famous for its yoghurt or curd ju-ju Dhau - king of curd.

Bhaktapur's main square, Durbar Square, houses the 55-window Palace which was constructed by King Bhupatindra Malla and was home to royalty until 1769. It is now a National Gallery. Close by is the Golden Gate which leads into Mulchok Court which is home to the Taleju Temple. This temple, like others in the main towns of the Kathmandu valley, is dedicated to the goddess Taleju Bhawani and includes shrines to the both Taleju Bhawani and Kumari. Entrance to the temple is restricted to Hindus and the goddess strictly cannot be photographed.

From time immemorial it lay on the trade route between Tibet/China and India. This position on the main caravan route made the town rich and prosperous: each autumn the traders from Tibet came with sheep ("changra"), fitting nicely with the main Nepali holidays, 'Dasain' (Hindi: Dussehra), when nearly everyone in Nepal sacrificed male animals to the goddess Durga. On the return trek the traders brought back to Tibet grains, sugar or Buddhist scriptures.

This prosperity fueled the cultural life: ie. the temple builders developed a Pagoda-style, spreading it through Tibet all the way to Japan. Finest of all is the five-tiered, heaven piercing Nyatapole.

Bhaktapur is a popular day-trip destination for tourists visiting Kathmandu. Lately, with more air-pollution in Kathmandu, more and more tourists are staying in Bhaktapur for a few days, before arrangements for trekking are finished. For foreign tourists the entry fee is NPR 750/$10; for nationals of SAARC-countries and China the fee is NPR 50.

Hotel in Nepal
Nepal Photo
Teaching in Nepal
Kathmandu Nepal

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Diagnosing and Treating Revenue Fluctuations

You love your website and you want it to thrive. You create content, manage your community, and keep an eye on your AdSense performance. If AdSense revenue is down, you're understandably concerned. If AdSense revenue is up, you're happy, but you want to know why. Revenue fluctuations are obvious enough when they occur, but the root cause isn't equally clear. It can be challenging for both new and experienced publishers alike to analyze their AdSense data and respond effectively to changes.

The goal of this post, and our follow-up later this week, is to help you understand the AdSense revenue model so you can diagnose and treat revenue fluctuations like an experienced MD.

Study upThe first step is knowing how the figures reported in your account (such as eCPM, CTR, and page impressions) interact to describe your total revenue. Think of each number as a variable in the revenue formula for your site. At the highest level, you can calculate revenue by multiplying your page impressions by the effective cost-per-thousand impressions (eCPM) and dividing by 1000.
Revenue = Page Impressions * eCPM / 1000eCPM = Revenue / Page Impressions * 1000The eCPM metric provides an estimate of how much revenue you can expect to earn for every 1000 page impressions. For example, if you serve 10,000 page impressions and earn $40, your eCPM is $4. If page impressions increase to 30,000, you can predict that you'll earn $120 given the $4 eCPM.Most AdSense ads pay on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, so eCPM is really a measure of your average ad performance. Breaking eCPM into the click-through-rate (CTR) and the average cost that advertisers pay per click (CPC) gives you a more accurate measure of performance.
Revenue = Page Impressions * CTR * average CPCOnce you know your average CTR and your average CPC, you can predict how much revenue you'll earn for a given amount of page views. You can also analyze your revenue by looking at placement-targeted ads versus contextually-targeted ads.
Total Revenue = Revenue (contextual) + Revenue (placement-targeted)While contextually targeted ads always pay per click, advertisers can pay for placement-targeted ads by impression (CPM) or by click (CPC). To account for both of these bid types, you should look at the average eCPM for placement-targeted ads. More simply, you can just add placement-targeted revenue to your contextually targeted revenue.
Revenue = (Page Impressions (contextual) * CTR * average CPC) + (Page Impressions (placement-targeted) * eCPM (placement targeted) / 1000)Revenue = (Page Impressions (contextual) * CTR * average CPC ) + Revenue (placement-targeted)Even though we're looking at contextual and placement-targeted revenue separately, don't forget that these two types of ads compete against each other in the auction. We'll always show the best performing ad, regardless of targeting type, so more competition creates higher winning bids.Identify the symptomsNow you're ready to diagnose any revenue fluctuation. Just like the revenue formulas above, let's start simple and gradually get more complex.The first question to ask is: Did either your page impressions or your eCPM change? You can compare trends in both page impressions and eCPM using the Advanced Reports in your account.If your AdSense page impressions have declined, you should determine if traffic to your entire site is declining as well. A web analytics tool such as Google Analytics can provide you with this information. In addition, you should check your pages for unpaid public service ads (PSAs).If your eCPM is down, you'll need to dig one level deeper and find out if your contextual or placement targeted ad performance has dropped. You can also find this data in the Advanced Reports tab using the options shown below.Let's consider your contextual ads first. The two key metrics to investigate are CTR and average CPC. CTR is given in your reports, but you'll need to calculate your average CPC using your favorite spreadsheet. (My favorite goes without saying). Please keep in mind that this is still an average CPC for your account and doesn't necessarily correspond with the price paid by any specific advertiser. Once you've narrowed the change to CTR or average CPC you're ready to start treatment.For placement-targeted ads, you should analyze how much total placement-targeted revenue you are receiving and the average eCPM. Changes in either of these metrics usually indicate that advertisers are beginning or ending campaigns targeted to your site. Again, placement-targeted campaigns are more likely to be short-term than contextual campaigns.That's all we have time for today -- now that you have a better understanding of what factors can affect revenue, don't forget to check back later this week for the second part of this series. We'll be treating ways to treat revenue fluctuations based on the symptoms you've discovered.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Video marketing

Video marketing definitely has a greater potential than other online marketing service like email marketing or banner ads, where you were only capturing your viewer visually. Now here is an option where your viewer can not only see you and your product but can also hear what you are saying. This is a very impressive feature, as it enables to build a more personal relation between you and user.

Experience says that customers always find it better to have an opinion from others on a product before they buy it themselves. And you can provide this opportunity to your clients through the video online marketing services. People are used to seeing visual ads on the television where there is an opinion provided to them by a third party other than the buyer and the seller. And having the opportunity to provide a similar concept on the internet is an added bonus to your business online.

The only skill that is required in order to make good use of videos as your online marketing service is to be able to put across your message to your clients. Use the right speech, right language and the right attitude in order to impress your clients. It is not necessary that your promotional video should be in the form of an advertisement only. You have the liberty to incorporate various ideas and thoughts in your video marketing tool. Things like cartoon images, power point presentation, flash movies, gif images along with a sound track are some of the variations which you can use in your video marketing in order to promote your product and service.

Online Marketing Services is a huge concept in itself, an is always welcoming newer and creative ideas. Apart from video marketing, SMS and MMS marketing is the next big thing in internet marketing that are soon going to overshadow all of the current marketing strategies.

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