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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Backward link building

Link building is a full time job in itself; however, the long term benefits can drastically outweigh other forms of internet marketing, although it is a little more complicated than we have explained. There are many aspects to running a successful backward link campaign.

Fore instance, while obtaining a huge amount of links from all sources may work well for your search engine ranking on MSN, Google, and to a lesser extent Yahoo, tend to only count your incoming links from relevant web sites. Further to this, the actual popularity of the page carrying your link is also a factor when your backward links are being assessed by the search engine robots.

Other key factors also come into play to, such as how many other links are leading out of the page; the position and surrounding written word, known as anchor text surround your backward link, and another very important factor, the wording of your text link. There are also other angles that have to be considered when choosing how to implement a link building strategy, such as server I.P. addresses and link farms to name a couple which we will briefly cover on the relevant pages in this site or in the glossary.

Get Links Now offer differing campaigns to suit all budgets and strategies. Have a read through the back link strategies we offer through our navigational links to see if any of the link building packages suits you and your needs. Please be advised that all packages will be tailored to suit your individual needs.

First you need to register with us. There is a registration fee of £25.00 (GBP) roughly $50.00 (USD) depending on exchange rate which is refunded against your first purchase. sign up

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