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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal

Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal

Nepal has become a Federal Democratic Republic from today after the Constituent Assembly overwhelmingly voted for abolition of the country’s 240-year-old monarchy.“I declare that the proposal tabled by the government for implementation of a republic has been passed as 560 members out of 564 present today voted in favor of the proposal and 4 against, announced meeting chairman Kul Bahadu

Rallies to celebrate republic

Political parties and civil society members are organizing rallies and demonstrations to celebrate the implementation of republic.

The political parties are preparing to gather at Ratnapark at 1 pm and hold celebratory rallies.

Apart from Kathmandu, rallies welcoming republic are being held outside Kathmandu in Biratnagar, Pokhara, Nepalgunj and so on.

On Wednesday, the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly (CA) had implemented the republic declaration.

The government has announced public holidays on Thursday and Friday also to celebrate republic.

The government has said that every year on Jestha 15, the nation will observe Republic Day.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

10tips for search engine Optimisation

1.Meta Tags

2.Heading Tags





7.ALT Tags

8.Web Pages

9.Domain name


Meta Tags
"TITLE" This is the first tag to consider as this is the title that will appear in the browser window and will also be indexed as your title with the majority of search engines.

Meta name="description"" this should be the 2nd Meta tag to display which is the description of your website and appears in your indexed listings within the majority of browsers.
Meta name="keywords"" this should be your 3rd Meta tag but don't worry too much about this Meta as the majority of the big search engines do not look at this. Start with your main keywords and end with the least important. But as before don't make too long.

Heading Tags
Heading tags consist of h1, h2, h3 and so on. Most search engines read the content and pick out these headings, as they will see these to be important to your website. It is important to include your first heading as a h1 tag and place as close to the body tag as possible.


Your homepage should include some textual content, giving you the option to show the search engines and viewers what your website is all about and to persuade the search engines to index you for your relevant category.

Nofollow links indicate to search engine spiders not to follow the link out from your website when crawling.

Robots.txt is a file that tells the search engines what directories on your web server it should crawl and which to ignore. This enables you to aid the SE's in successfully crawling the important content and leaving the irrelevant content uncrawled. This is helpful to SE's and one good turn for another.

sitemap is a XML file that is uploaded to your web server and is used by SE's to index as many pages in your website as possible. TIP Place a link to both files from your homepage in the footer to aid the SE's in finding them.

ALT Tags
Images have an attribute called ALT, which should be used for accessibility purposes, but should also be used so the SE's can understand what the image is as with current technologies the images on your website can not be viewed by SE Spiders but the code side can be. Again use some keywords in your ALT tags.

Web Pages
When planning the structure of your website try and include your keywords within the pages (i.e.

Domain name
If you haven't already registered your domain name then great... Register one but try and include a keyword in your domain (i.e.

Making changes to your website, be it amending pages, adding new pages etc is good practice as this keeps your visitors interested and shows the SE's that your site is not dormant.

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

AdSense help you and others too making money

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In addition to monetary contributions, the affected areas may also need tents, medicine, or other items. We encourage you to contact your local Red Cross to find out how to donate these items.If you'd like to help out even more, you can add a Google gadget to your website to encourage your visitors to make their own donations.Naturally, we want to hear about your generosity, so please let us know if you're able to donate.


Adgitize your web site.

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