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Friday, February 1, 2008

Login message clarification for adsense

"Welcome! You're signed in to Google Accounts under the email address and your Google Account password, but this is not a valid AdSense login."

We’ve heard that there’s been confusion among publishers about this login error message -- especially if you're absolutely positive that you’ve used the correct email address when logging in. (And 99.9% of the time, this is the case.) To help you access your account, we’d like to provide you with some clarification and tips for troubleshooting.

If you’re seeing this error message, this means your AdSense account shares the same login and password as a Google Account, but the two accounts are not linked. As a result, when you try logging in at, our system will only grant you access to your Google Account -- not your AdSense account. To resolve this issue, you’ll need to maintain two separate passwords.

The easiest way to proceed is to first ensure that you're logged out of Google Accounts for any other products you use, such as Gmail or AdWords. Then, change your AdSense password at You’ll be asked to submit your login email address to us, and we’ll then send a reset link to that address. When changing your AdSense password, please be sure to select a unique password that you’re not using with any other Google product. After you've changed your AdSense password, please try logging in again at

We understand that this is inconvenient, and we apologize for the confusing situation. We’re working on migrating all AdSense accounts over to Google Accounts, and in the meantime, we appreciate your patience.

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