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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Turn Your Articles Into Cash

1. Start with a word processing program, such as MS Word.

2. Place all of your articles in an order that will make sense to a reader.

3. Make sure that concepts flow. How? One key step is to remove redundancies that occur because each article was originally free standing.

4. Find ways to connect the first article to the 2nd article. A copywriter or editor can easily do this.

5. Leave lots of white space on each page. At least one-inch right and left margins because it makes the page easier to read.

6. The font size for the text on the page should be at least 11 or 12 points. This is especially true if your ideal clients are over 40 years old. Many people use Arial or Verdana for ebooks since it's easier on the eyes than Times Roman.

7. You want pictures or illustrations scattered throughout the document. However, you don't want to use the clip art that came with your computer. First that art is for personal, not commercial use.

Secondly, you want to look professional and not thought of as cheap. There are low cost graphics for sale on the Internet for you to use.

8. Titles and sub-titles should be a much larger font than the text. Don't underline titles because people will think that they're supposed to click on them; instead, use bold, color or italicize them. You can even use special fonts, like Tahoma for titles.

By formatting your ebook like a professional, it will be easier for you to turn it into a book! How? Read the next few tips.

9. Create an eye pleasing cover page for the ebook, and a cover that looks like a book cover, for use on your web site. Add pictures within your ezine but remember, you don't own clip art, and you can't use it for monetary gain. Have your designer add graphics that you own.

10. The first few pages after the cover should be numbered with roman numerals.
o Page ii is for testimonials from clients and those who have read and used the ebook.
o Page iii is your publisher information page with copyright information. Open a book and you'll see this important page!
o Page iv can be used for acknowledgments of others that you'd like to mention.
o Page v tells others how to use the ebook.
o Page vi is an Introduction to the book, written by you or someone else.

11. NOW comes your ebook, and it is numbered, 1, 2, 3 etc. Make sure you include:
-- Then comes the table of contents which can link to the pages the topics are placed.
-- Within the ebook be sure and invite readers to visit your web site.
-- In an appropriate place of your ebook, maybe in the middle, offer a special on a product that the reader of the ebook may enjoy.

12. Again, to get people to your web site, place additional resources on a page on your site and link from the book to that page.

13. Create a "Call to Action" on your next to the last page! Again, the goal is to get your readers to your web site.

14. Don't forget to create an all about you and your company page ... with your picture!

15. Next convert your ebook to PDF format, making sure that all the links in the ebook are clickable.

16. Research shipping cart software or programs to use to sell your product online.

17. Consider creating an affiliate program for your product and let others help you market your product in return for a commission.

Remember that even 8 x 5 1/2 books only need 64 pages to be bound! If your ebook is more than 30 pages in a Word Document, chances are you've also created a book!

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