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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pocket TV as Remote TV

Let’s take a look into a television that supposed to be more or less 19” size. Today, won’t you believe that our TVs can be used anywhere and handy? That’s right, you can purchase a TV for as handy as something you can put in your pockets. Continuous researches give our pocket TV new features and one is that it functions as a TV remote control. This TV Remote Control comes very convenient that we can bring it anywhere we go. The best part of using this handy TV and remote control is that you can be confident that it wouldn’t mess up any programming on our regular TV. Instead, it simply functions as a replacement for our broken or lost TV remote. What’s in it for you? Well, you don’t need to buy many remote controls in the house and that’s a big savings isn’t it?

Further, there are many Pocket PC Remote Controls in the market. Some of these remote controls are Novii Remote, Remote Control II, TV Controller with Voice Control, VITO Remote and many more.

1. Novii Remote
This device gives us the control to our home entertainment equipments like TV, Cable or Satellite, DVD or CD, VCR, etc. It has a higher interface, vivacious colors, easy installation and set-up, better infrared drivers and many other improvements

2. Remote Control II
A completely customizable universal infrared remote control for our home entertainment system. Also, it has definable control panels, layouts and graphics

3. TV Controller with Voice Control
A Pocket PC application that allows our PDA to be used as a widespread remote control for TV, VCR, Cable, Satellite, DVD and other equipments.

4. VITO Remote
Turns our pocket PC into all-in-one infrared remote control to operate TV, Video, Cable, DVD and other infrared enabled equipments. Further, this remote is very easy to customize according to your program preferences and use and gives control to our home and office equipment with our own voice using its new voice control capabilities.

There is also downloadable specialized software that can turn our pocket PC like iPAQ into a pocket PC Mobile TV. We can make our iPAQ a universal remote control using this remote control software. Then, we’re on our way of operating our television, VCR, and other home or office audio and video equipment. But don’t be disappointed because it’s not only iPAQ that can be used as a remote control, there is also remote control software like OMNI Remote that is especially made for palm-based handhelds like Palm Pilot, Handspring and Visor.
How relaxing to just lie down and have control on all the entertainment equipments? For only one remote control, we save ourselves from switching one remote control to another. After an exhausting day, it’s like we are the boss this time. Just aim the remote control and we can now enjoy watching our favorite shows or games.

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