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Monday, October 15, 2007

Top Tips On Using Google Adwords Keywords

It may seem a bit of a mouthful but using Google Adwords Keywords correctly will ensure your pay per click campaigns are a massive success.

Of course there are other factors to consider such as the wording of your advertisement, the effectiveness of your landing page and, not least, the quality and price of the product or service you are offering.

But, even those things pale in significance beside the need to organise your Google Adwords Keywords effectively. By choosing the best keywords and using them in appropriate ad groups you will be able to target the customers you want.

If your list of Google Adwords Keywords is not up to scratch your new pay per click campaign will have little or no chance of succeeding.

But, before we look at how to use your list of keywords that list needs to be drawn up. The first step here is to review the content of your website noting down the keywords which best describe each facet of your online business.

An important point to note here is that a keyword can be either singular, a combination of more than one word or a whole phrase. This first group of Google Adwords Keywords then needs to be expanded.

Google's own keyword suggestion tool is excellent for this purpose - simply feed each of your current keywords in turn into the tool.

The tool will provide further suggestions to increase your Google Adwords Keywords list and you will soon see the number of keywords in your list expand and multiply. Don't be surprised to find that your keyword list growing very quickly to contain hundreds of goog and not so good keywords.

Now is the time to remove all the irrelevant words which inevitably creep into any keyword list, though remember to retain those word which can be used as negative matches. Armed with your final list of Google Adwords Keywords you are now ready to begin the process of grouping your keywords into the three categories of �Broad', �Phrase' and �Exact' matches.

Once each category list is fully populated you then need to group your Google Adwords Keywords into adgroups for each pay per click campaign you are running remembering that the success of each campaign will depend on the creative use of different adgroups and advertisements within that campaign.

The bottom line here is that sorting your lists of Google Adwords Keywords into appropriate ad groups is the fundamental factor behind creating a successful pay per click campaign.

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