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Monday, October 15, 2007

Using Forums to Increase Your Website Traffic

An sealed tight traffic increasing package will involve a short-term goal and a long-term goal.
This combination will ensure a steadily rising set of website statistics, from the very day that you start your traffic increasing tactics.
An excellent method of increasing traffic short-term is forum participation.

It is:

* Free
* Easy to Use
* Immediate (no waiting for directory editors to review your site, etc…)
* Lasting (unless the forum closes, your post remains there)

You are in the pursuit of traffic but forums are so much more than a provider of that.
If you find a good forum, you will also find a wealth of information.
It is an excellent way to stay up to date on your website theme.
Of course, it is worthwhile because you will help and be helped.

If you really aim to offer information in the forum, instead of blatantly promoting your site, the benefits increase even more so.
You become known as an expert in your field.
Some forums have rating systems whereby after continued participation, you can be deemed a top contributor or the like.
This helps people trust you.
It also helps people see that you are not just there to reap benefits for yourself.

So, how do you go about really making forum participation worth your while?
There is more to the technique than just submitting answers.
As previously stated, rule one is to ADD VALUE to the forum.
Aim to help.

Secondly, a little bit of research and work is necessary.
Not much though, I promise.
To illustrate a profitable process, we shall take an example website, say, THIS website, which is about content writing and building a successful website.

So, to begin, I search for a suitable forum which fits into this category.
(Often, website building forums have sections on content writing.)

I find one or two forums which have high traffic and lots of members.
I also check to see if you can add a signature file to each post.
(The signature file is the one or two sentences that are automatically attached to each question or answer a member submits.)
I want to be sure that the signature file may contain a live link to a website, i.e. my website.

Now, I do a quick bit of research to see what kind of topic draws a lot of views. If it has a lot of responses, this is a good sign.
It’s a hot topic.

So say, for example , that ‘Article Submission’ is a hot topic under my theme, which it is.
I would build a page on my website giving valuable information about article submission as a means to increase traffic.
Perhaps I would even create a mini-guide or an ebook about this particular topic.

I would then search for another five or six areas of popular interest and write a page for all of these topics.
Write valuable information, remember! Your aim is to help your visitor.

Finally, I create my signature file, which will have a simple URL to my website.
The signature should be self-explanatory,
e.g. “I am a website content writer. Click here to view my services and read related articles.”
Actually, you can jazz it up if you want to, just assure that the reader knows what he/she is clicking to.
For example, “Click here to go to my site”, will not entice clicks.

Now that I have done all of the above, I delve in.
I answer questions relating to the five or six previously mentioned topics, weaving in links to the articles I have written.
I would not just spam the site, constantly saying, “Click here to go to my site”.
I would only add the links if they truly help to illustrate the answer that I am offering.
Having written the previous articles, the links WILL more than likely help the reader.

Now, onto creating a new post.
Assure that the post title is enticing and that it is one of the more popular topics on the forum.
If it is not, then make it clear that you are offering something of value within your post.

Within your post, do not blatantly advertise your website.
What you can do, however, is offer resources or recently researched information.
“Click here to download my free ebook” is not good, despite the fact that it is a free resource.
However, “I just recently came across interesting news that…” is good, and then after providing some of this interesting tit bit, you can write, “Click here to go to the full article”, which of course, is a link to your website.

Spend a few hours per week in the forums of your choice and you will soon build up a name for yourself.
You will also meet some interesting people in there, learn important information and hopefully build up a very quick supply of traffic.

You need not be as thorough in the participation of forums as this article illustrates.
Simply joining in, whilst attaching a URL signature file to each post will benefit your traffic.
Remember, aim to offer valuable information in the forums and THEN reap the benefits of increased traffic.

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