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Sunday, October 14, 2007

How To Burn Or Copy XBox 360 Games

You can burn and copy your XBox 360 games, but it takes a little doing. It's not as easy as plopping it in and hitting "start."There are 2 ways to copy games: you can copy games to your XBox hard drive, or you can use a PC. If you want to burn a copy of your games, you have to use a PC, and the process is a little more complicated. I'll probably say it again later, but you have to have a modded XBox to play copied games. The system is designed so that it won't play copied games, so if you plan on doing this, make sure your XBox has a mod chip first. Otherwise it won't work!

Copying Games To Your XBox Hard DriveCopying games this way is pretty easy. You'll need one bit of software which is called DVD2XBOX. This is a totally legal piece of software that allows you to back up games, and you can get it for free online. Do a web search and you can find it. You might also want to make sure your XBox has plenty of hard drive space for the backed up games. If you plan to do this, I recommend upgrading your XBox hard drive first, so you have plenty of memory.Once you have DVD2XBOX on your XBox, it will show up on the dashboard under "applications."

If you open this software, it will walk you through step by step on copying and saving the games. It's pretty user friendly, but if you are unsure, there are some easy-to-follow tutorials on the web.Copying Games To Your PCThis is a lot more complex, but it's the only way to burn your games to disk. You'll need more gear for this. You have to at least have an Ethernet cable, software for converting games to .ISO file, software for burning DVDs or CD-ROMs, and a mod chip in your XBox to play the copied games.Here's how you do it: First, connect your XBox to your computer with the Ethernet cable. With the Ethernet cable, you can FTP the files and back them up on your hard drive.

You'll need to do this in order to copy them. Once you're hooked up, load the games onto your computer using FTP. The next step is to turn those games into .ISO files. To do this, you'll need some software like Qwix or ISO. Users have reported that both work pretty well, and you can download either one free on the web. They'll need to be in .ISO format in order to be burned onto DVDs. Next, you'll need some kind of software for burning the files to DVD. Probably the most used software for burning XBox games is Nero's Burning Rom.

It's easy to use and makes discs that are compatible with the XBox. Alcohol 120 is also pretty popular. If you want to use another software, just make sure that the discs it burns are XBox compatible. The specs should tell you this. The best discs to use are recordable DVDs like DVD-R, DVD-RW, or CD-RW's. Before you start burning a bunch of stuff, you should do a test run. Burn one and make sure it works on your XBox before you go totally crazy and burn a bunch. Now, just burn those .

ISO files with Nero or Alcohol 120, and you're good to go. I can't stress it enough: Your XBox MUST have a mod chip. Mod chips are expensive and hard to install, but if you plan to play burned games, you need one. Also, keep in mind that a mod chip voids your warrantee, and you can't do XBox Live with a mod chip

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