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Sunday, October 14, 2007

How To Use Technorati To Increase Your Traffic#

If you are using a blog on your website and you are not optimising it with Technorati you are missing out on a huge source of unlimited free traffic and potential customers. It costs nothing and is so easy to implement that there really is no excuse for not using it.Technorati is a search engine specifically for blogs and it works by allowing bloggers to tag their posts with relevant keywords so that the content appears in the results pages when those keywords are searched. It gives you full control over where your content should appear on the website and you only have to wait a few days for it to be indexed.
There are three categories on the website, the first is "blog posts" which finds any posts that contain the search term, the second is "tags" which finds individual posts that are tagged with the search term, and the third is "blog directory" which finds individual blogs that are tagged with the search term.The first thing you will need to do is create a free account on the Technorati website which only takes a few minutes to do and you will then be able to list every post on your entire blog and other members will be able to add your blog to their list of favourites.As more people link to your blog and add you to their list of favourites your ranking will increase and so will the traffic you receive. This is important because there is a huge amount of free traffic available if you can improve your rankings so you need to create a free account and register your blog to benefit from the incoming links you will receive.Every time you post new content on your blog you will need to tag it using a special link which will help Technorati categorise your content and group all posts with the same tag together with the most recent at the top.
Whenever someone searches for the keyword phrase that you have used for your tag your post will appear in the results pages of the Technorati website.There is no limit to how many tags you can use but if you use too many your blog can start to look ugly so its best to use less than ten. To help save space you can use the smallest font size available for your tags and you can also use anchor text so that only a few words will show and not each link.Its also very important that you use relevant tags for each post that you make on your blog because you don't want to risk losing your account for targeting unrelated topics. There really is no point in using unrelated tags because the traffic you will receive will not be interested in your content because its not what they were looking for.Another feature you will want to use on your blog is the link for people to add you to their list of favourites and its best if you place it in the side bar of your blog either by using anchor text or by using an image.
The more people who favourite your blog and the more incoming links you get will increase your authority score (which improves your rankings).The last thing to remember is that the success of your blog will depend on how good your content is so its essential that you only use high quality articles that are relevant to your website. To make it profitable you should customise your blog with recommendations for products or Google Adsense ads. You can also add a subscription form in the side bar if you want to collect leads for your opt in list.

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