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Sunday, October 14, 2007

7 Good Reasons To Learn A Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language is naturally a process that requires effort and time, much or not, depending on the capability of an individual. Current technology makes learning a second language more flexible and easier.

You can learn it anywhere you like, in your car while trapped in traffic jam, while waiting for commuter to arrive or fishing at Lake Garden, by means of many types of medium such as cassette, CD and the Internet, such as at where you will find a good resource of foreign languages. Below are just a few reasons why you should learn another language:1. Most significant yet simple reason – Eliminate the language barrier that you may face, easier for you to deal with other people when you go traveling or have to work in another country.

The majority of native people probably do not know how to speak English fluently or do not know how to speak English at all, so knowing some key phrases will help you a lot. Moreover, you will want to know what people around you are talking about while you're shopping, waiting for taxi, or having dinner at a restaurant.2. Local people tend to be friendlier with you since you speak the same language as them. You also can get friends easily, which in return can help you greatly in dealing with certain troubles that you may encounter, and you may not know how to cope with, such as problems related with customary law.

Locals also will believe you more than people who cannot speak their language, which is a good point when you are in a foreign land.3. Knowing a foreign language really helps when you are lost in a remote area where you can hardly find people who can speak English except local language. 4. Giving you chances to understand the exotic local traditions and way of living easier and deeper. This priceless experience is absolutely an opportunity not be missed for anyone who love to travel.

You can share beautiful moments having fun with locals on occasions and understand the meaning behind it, which in the same time, gives you knowledge. 5. Improve your memory skill resulting from activity of reading, learning and memorizing. Open up your mind to be more acceptable to other people’s differences.

Your thinking will be more maturely and sensibly.6. This is reality, guys: According to Kwintessential, people who learn a foreign language are wealthier, happier and are regarded sexier than those who can speak only English.7. From a survey conducted in Britain involving 270 dating agencies, the result shows that people who speak or learn a foreign language are more attractive, intelligent and sexier to the opposite sex.Hopefully some of the reasons above will give you some ideas on how important it is to learn an additional language. Continuous learning for life leads to success and wisdom.

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