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Monday, December 17, 2007

German Shepherd - The Infos Every Owner Of This Dog Breed Ought To Know

A.k.a. the Alsatian or German Police Dog, the German Shepherd is a 'young' breed, having exclusively recognized as a distinct breed for nearly a century. The German Sheperd can retrace its ascendants back to an array of shepherding dogs in Germany, and a few groups tried to informally breed this dog. This attempt failed but in 1899, a recently reknowned group was established. Der Verein fur Deutsche Schaeferhunde was founded by Max von Stephanitz, who desired to breed an all purpose functional dog.

The German Shepherd came up to the United Sates in 1908 with soldiers impressed by the bravery and abilities of this dog. German Shepherds will achieve an average height of 22 to 26 inches, weighting 77 to 85 pounds and last an average of 13 years. There are an extensive mixtures of coats in this breed. Some German Shepherds are longhaired and some are shorthaired. The color is most often black and tan, but can likewise be coal black, entirely black, blue and liver and white.

The one thing all German Shepard coats have in common is that they shed extravagantly, and shed bigger during their shedding time of year. Daily brushing usually helps fight the shedding, and German Shepherds should only be bathed once in a while. Just about all German Shepherds are identified as self-confident and loyal.

German Shepherds are extremely intelligent and frequently used as police dogs, rescue dogs and guide dogs. German Shepherds can be excellent guard dogs and are very loyal to their family. They make excellent defenders, barking when someone unfamiliar is drawing near. German Shepherds do make good family pets and will protect the children of 'their' family. They will permit the poking and prodding children are prone to do. However, they are occasionally unaware of their size and power relative to a small child and may arbitrarily bang them across.

A German Shepherd and child should always be watched to avoid this. German Shepherds can endure apartment living if given adequate physical exercise on a regular basis and given enough activities. If left alone too long or not stimulated enough, German Shepherds will get bored and destructive. They love being in the companionship of their human family but not other pets. As a working dog that wishes to delight, a German Shepherd will do alright with obedience training. German Shepherds are prone to some genetic disorders including hip and elbow dysplasia, blood disorders, digestive problems, epilepsy, chronic eczema, keratitis (inflammation of the cornea), dwarfism and flea allergies.

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