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Friday, November 23, 2007

A Productive Job Script-New Idea

Efforts to differentiate a job script from the myriad of others already in existence are never in vain. But these efforts aren't always easy to make. At one extreme, the characteristics of a standard job script contribute to a welcomed stable working environment - however clientele may not feel comfortable leaving a job software that's working just fine simply to try one that's no different. At the other extreme, a job script that's wildly different from the norm has the propensity to alienate itself from the industry altogether.

At some point, there has to be a happy medium in which a job software can attract and keep new clientele without scaring anyone away. The following offers a few suggestions you can use to keep your job script exciting and productive at the same time.

1. Lead a clientele directed job software. Let your clientele develop the job script's user agreement or establish effective communication methods. The idea here is to let both the freelancers and clients that use your job script shape their own online employment experience. In doing so, you will generate a tremendous amount of goodwill - however this suggestion does not come without warning. You must lead a clientele directed job software within reason. Nothing you allow your clientele to do should interfere with governing laws. Nor should they disrupt the reputation that you're trying to build.

2. Enforce a global pay rate on your job script. Our different currency rates give some freelancers and clients a financial advantage over one another simply because of the location in which they live. For example, the fees that a freelancer in India may charge may be significantly lower than the fees that a freelancer in North America may charge. To discourage disgruntled American workers from labeling your job script environment as a breeding ground for slave labor, enforce the first international pay scale that appropriates fees within a reasonable pay scale.

3. Set up and hold annual conventions for the people who use your job software. One of the best ways to instill the value of community is by hosting conventions for the people that have made your job script a success. A convention needn't be terribly expensive since there are certainly alternative, less-expensive ways to meet people. One such way is through an online convention - complete with video, speech, and chatrooms. Another way to physically get your clientele together is to meet at a sports event or at a low-cost luncheon.

4. Configure your job software so that it doesn't include weekends or holidays as workdays. Offline, very few people work on the weekend or holidays and chances are, job script administrators don't work on theses days either. So why include them inside the time span in which a project or job is to end? Both freelancers and clients welcome weekend and holiday breaks, so by automating them into your script, you'll yet again, break from the norm and create goodwill among your users at the same time

5. Send out monthly or bi-monthly surveys to your job software users and ask for feedback, suggestions, criticisms, and questions. By requesting ideas and suggestions for improvements, you'll show that you care about how well your job script is reaching its goals and satisfying the needs of your users at the same time.

6. Select a charity each month and dedicate a portion of the income your job software generates toward that charity. Another way to instill community is to band together toward a cause. By making a regular contribution to a charity of your choice (or of your clientele's choice), you can generate a sense of family among your users and help improve the environment or society all at once.

7. Feature a "Freelancer" or "Client of the Month" section on your job script. Sooner or later, your users are going to get curious about each other and a special section dedicated to spotlighting one individual out of many is an appropriate way to satisfy that curiosity. Featured users could submit their own personal stories and with an accompanying photograph while the whole gang gets to know who uses your job software on a personal level, one-by-one.

8. Display industry news as part of your job script. A little more difficult to implement than the above suggestions, this idea has the potential of providing direction to your existing user base, or - validating the intentions of those whom may be questioning their choices. When your clients see actual news stories about the industry that they're working right from the very job software that they use every day, they can get a good idea of how their efforts contribute to its development.

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