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Friday, November 23, 2007

How To Save Time And Money With IP Service Video Conferencing

Need to have a big business meeting in a hurry, but don't want to spend a lot of money on travel expenses and lodging? Maybe you're searching for a cost-effective way to connect employees in different locations for collaborative efforts?

Try video conferencing over the Internet. All it takes is two computers, two desktop cameras and you're pretty much good to go. The only thing better would be to never have to attend a meeting in the first place, but since that's not possible, why not go the next best route?

Video conferencing over the Internet using smart software offers some advantages that a teleconference could never provide. In addition to the obvious plus of avoiding travel and its related expenses, video conferencing over the net can give users these advantages:

Ability to see, talk and exchange ideas in real-time.

Low cost, high tech alternative to globe trotting for business.

The possibility to still give full presentations, such as those using PowerPoint and so on.

Real-time exchange of ideas that's the next best thing to face-to-face.

No long distance or even international charges like a teleconference would require.

Depending on the service used, the number of meeting attendees can be as large as needed to get the job done.

Thanks to video conferencing over the Internet, there's really no need to foot the bill for a lot of business travel. Anything that would require a face-to-face meeting can be accomplished over the Internet and there are even ways to "share desktops" so the person on the other end of the connection can not only see you through the camera, he or she can see your presentation or documents.

If you're avoiding video conferencing because you fear you'll lose money rather than make it, think again. Properly set up, this modern day alternative to the face-to-face can not only provide a capital outlay savings, it can be personable and effective.

For those who want to video conference with clients or potential clients, all that's necessary is to make sure both ends have the appropriate equipment. For those that want to video conference with employees who might be in other parts of the country or world, simply make the equipment mandatory in outer offices.

The advantages for inner office communications are many. They include allowing employees in remote locations to share information instantly and even brainstorm ideas and projects without having to take time away from the office for travel. That saves your bottom line twice!

Dealing with clients, too, can be enhanced by this technology in that this type of meeting saves your client the time and trouble of travel or having to adjust schedules to accommodate your visit.

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