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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How To Generate MLM Leads

MLM leads are crucial for your business

Most home based businesses depend on MLM leads to take the business further. That's because MLM business is a very popular way to spread the word and multiple sales exponentially. MLM stands for multi level marketing and refers to several strata of people who will sell your product or service to other people. The layers keep adding as new recruits get added.

How to generate MLM leads

There are several ways to generate more MLM leads and some of them are very easy. Here we list a few ways you can increase MLM leads to your site:

Friends and acquaintances. The first thing to do before starting the hunt for MLM leads, is to draw up a list of people you already know – these could include friends, family, ex colleagues and acquaintances. Once you have created this list, you can start contacting them. If they are not interested you could politely ask them if they know of other people in their network who might be interested. This is a great way to build on contacts.

Get all contact information. Once you start the process of contacting these leads, you need to get access to their contact information. That means you need to start collecting business cards, email IDs and phone numbers etc. This will help you have a ready repository of a database of contacts. You can contact them at a later date if they are not interested at the moment. Cold calling. The best way to start contacting leads is by cold calling. While this may elicit negative responses going by the reputation cold calling has, it is the best way to generate leads. At some point or the other people will call back asking for more information.

Follow up. Once you have made the initial call, don't shy from calling or making contact again. This is essential to ensure brand recall and that people don't forget about you or your business.

Do your research. It is important for you to know as much as possible on the MLM distributor, the type of products you are selling, incentives and bonuses etc which are part of the MLM business plan. This is because any potential MLM leads might ask you questions about these and if you don't have ready answers, you will be looked upon with suspicion and mistrust. That will also mean lesser leads.

MLM trade journals. These journals consist of people who have already expressed some form of interest in MLM marketing. Therefore if you publish your advertisement in these journals, your chances of getting leads is that much easier!

Press releases. You can have press releases aimed at targeted publications that deal with MLM businesses. This ensures great publicity for your business and is sure to elicit responses and enquiries.

Different advertisements. Your advertisements should be different so that you stand out from the millions of other MLM based businesses out there. Try and make your advertisement as eye catching and crisp as possible.

Buying leads. The other option is to purchase MLM leads from list selling organizations. However it is essential to check out a few things before purchase – such as how old the leads are, how many times have they been resold before, how much support and training the company is ready to provide etc.

Articles and ebooks. These remain a great way to generate MLM leads. You can have specific and niche articles with targeted keywords which talk about different aspects of your business. Similar for ebooks.

Billboard advertisements. Billboards are always eye catching and are sure to get anyone's attention. MLM businesses can place their advertisements on billboards but again these need to be very clever, eye catching and interesting to the eye. These generate a lot of responses.

Common touchpoints. Try and find out places where lot of people congregate at frequent intervals. These include the dry cleaners, grocery stores etc. Try placing a small advertisement of your business on common objects used at these places, such as the dry cleaning hanger, the basket used to carry goods in grocery stores, even the paper packages used to carry goods. These are all great places to create brand recall.

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