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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Like no other training form, e-learning promises to provide a single experience that accommodates the three distinct learning styles of auditory learners, visual learners, and kinesthetic learners. Other unique opportunities created by the advent and development of e-learning by web design are more efficient training of a globally dispersed audience; and reduced publishing and distribution costs as Web-based training becomes a standard.

Advantages of e-learning often include flexibility and convenience for the learner especially if they have other commitments, facilitation of communication between learners, greater adaptability to a learner’s needs, more variety in learning experience with the use of multimedia and the non-verbal presentation of teaching material.

E-learning facilitates knowledge, competence, and process improvement. It helps learners apply contemporary techniques in the real world. It is a knowledge platform that assists in unlocking the potential within each employee of an organisation to achieve performance excellence.

In online learning, the learner chooses when to learn, does so at his/her own pace and is in control of the learning. Therefore, the traditional linear approach with extensive reading of text and numerous slides of information are generally unsuccessful. Since the classroom dynamics are not present, the online approach must engage the learners, have them respond to questions, scenarios and make decisions as they are learning the content. Special links to Web sites or supplementary material make for an enriching experience. Web design companies need to create such websites that should be informative & interactive.

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