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Friday, September 28, 2007

There is More to Blogging then Just Money-->

I done about a weeks worth of research on blogging. I read 30 to 25 articles and numerous forum searches on blogging. There are two points that amazed me as I did this research. One, most people using blogging for network marketing purposes think only about making money off of blogging. Second, how many network marketers are not using it.Blogging first started out like a diary were you could type out your thoughts, and then it moved to more personnel interaction with your friends and companions. It is now and will continue to move full steam as a new marketing tool for all types of business. Just other quick note before we move onto the good stuff; these are rough numbers I calculated and have no scientific proof.
There is 25 to 30% higher chance people will click on a link in a blog to your business opportunity. Some of my research had this percentage higher; I have a tough time believing it. My research also found that people where 10 to 15% more likely to JOIN your business through a blog. Some, very interesting stats. Here are some reasons I think these percentages are possible:
1) SimplicityBlogging is FREE and easy to start. Anyone can do it! You start typing your thoughts just like using a pen and paper. How easy can it be? Anything that is free to a network marketer is GOLD. The blog sites are not intrusive to the reader. For the most part blog sites are just word content and nothing else which makes it easy to get your business information across. Thus you can keep the readers attention for longer.
2) Builds a CommunityThis is one area I feel most network marketers are missing. They can use there blog to communicate and help with duplication of their business through their blog. Most people are using to only promote products or their business. What an easy way for your downline or current prospects to gain TRUST and RESPECT in you, when you have a simple and easy way to communicate and help them duplicate what you are doing.
3) Builds CredibilityYou are seen as the expert, the one with the most influence. This will allow other bloggers to add your link to their sites and an increase interest in your blog. This credibility takes time but it will be well worth the wait. Tip - To have this credibility develop quicker make sure you post every TWO days, if not every day!Here are some quick tips on promoting your blog:1) Blog daily this helps in Search Engine rankings2) Visit other blogs and put your link in the message3) Ping your blog after every entry
4) Submit your blog to blog submission sites
5) Put your blog URL in a your signature boxI hope you can have a slightly different few to why blogging is just more then to make money. If you establish the trust, respect and credibility, the money will come in hand over fist.

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