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Friday, September 28, 2007

5 Steps to Making Money Through Blogging!!!

Through my exploits on the internet I have found that it is almost impossible to find truly good advice on how to become a successful Money Blogger. I have taken the liberty of going through these experiences myself and put them together in one simplified list so you may adapt it to your own situation and apply it to make money.Step
1:First you will want to start your own blog! If you don\\\'t already have one, make sure to go to Blogger and make your own free blog.Step
2:Write about what I like to call \\\"Hot Topics\\\" like technology, government and politics, environment, self help, dating, more blogging, and many more.Step
3:Promote! Submit your new blog to search engines, forums, article marketing sites (listed in my links!), and any other free promotion site you can find.Step
4:Take advantage of Google\\\'s AdSense! It\\\'s free and will be the biggest money maker for your Blog! It is easy to integrate and will help generate your extra income. The AdSense link is listed to the right in my links section.Step
5:Be Patient! Getting your traffic can take a bit of time, even with the help of my links and articles. The traffic driven to your site is under your control by how much effort you put into your Blog and how much time you dedicate to promoting your site.
I suggest you repeat step 4 for every post on your blog to make sure your message is getting out there!I hope that these simple steps can get you on your way to being your own boss or making some extra money on the side besides your day job, so have fun monetizing your blog and good luck!

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