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Thursday, December 18, 2008

One way link building gives safe and sound long term ranking results

It is common knowledge that link building has an important role in pushing the site to higher ranks in search engines. All major search engines including Google attach importance to link popularity when they evaluate the web pages. Each page therefore becomes popular depending on the pages that link to it. Both Google and Yahoo have toolbars to show the page rank and you can therefore use these tools to get a fair estimate of your pages' link popularity. The yardstick is you must acquire links pointing back to your website, especially links from sites covering preferably the same or at least related topic.

Please remember that your site will not benefit if it has links pointing back to sites that serve as link farms or free-for-all sites. As a matter of fact you may even lose page rank. These sites are seldom focused, and tend to have links to and from all different sorts of sites. Google and the other search engines discount these sites as they are there merely to artificially increase the number of links pointing to your site. It is evident that these sites add no value for the search engine's users and thus search engines also give no value to these links.

A big advantage to these focused, one-way links is that they will remain in place. A website provides link to your site, in the belief that their visitors will find your site useful and benefit from the content your site has to offer. But please know that sites featuring reciprocal links may simply abandon your link when it no longer helps their linking strategy.

The one magic formula is to have rich and relevant content as good content evokes interest in your visitors and keeps them glued to your website. When people recognize your content as providing authoritative information on the subject, they will automatically start visiting your site in greater numbers. When any other website votes for the quality of your website by placing a link pointing back to it, you are obtaining natural linking. The more exhaustive and relevant your content, the better are the chances for visitors to link back to your website.

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