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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Passive Income for 15 months via Twitter

You can easily tweet your Chitika referral link to earn some extra revenue. For any user who signs up via this link, we will pay you 10% of their total earnings for a full 15 months. (Don't worry - this money doesn't get taken out of their checks. We pay this as a bonus to you!)

Post to Twitter: I'm earning good revenue from Chitika - you can check them out here:

Insiders Tip! You can make this referral link go to any page on that you want by adding "?refid=dragonjambala" to the end of any URL. So if your followers would be more interested in watching a video on how Chitika Premium works, you can have your referral link point there instead: . This will work for any page on, so cater it to your audience!

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