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Monday, September 29, 2008

Adsense Setup - Tips and Tricks for your Web Directory

Adsense Setup - Tips and Tricks for your Web Directory
If you have problem in showing adsense ads into your directory (that uses Smarty templates), you simply don’t manage to make your adsense ads to show up, you need to insert your adsense code between these tags: {literal} and {/literal}. In this way your adsense code will not be interpreted by the smarty engine, but it will be interpreted by the browser at loading time.
I have tried to setup an adsense add on my directory, in my categories pages, on
my submit page, but couldn’t manage to display it in either page.

So, in any of your templates, either main.tpl. header.tpl, footer.tpl. submit.tpl. etc, you need to insert those tags ({literal} and {/literal}) in order to properly setup adsense ads:

Here you can place your adsense code. Copy and paste the code directly from your adsense account.
And this is all….
In conclusion, I have added my adsense code in my submit.tpl. and in my main.tpl, and now everything displays correctly.

If any questions you can access my blog at I said, I have setuf an free web directory, where you can freely submit your website to, and you can see the living proof of my tips and tricks that I have presented here.

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1 comment:

Rizwan said...

The Problem with my Blog is that adsense ads are not showing in the main page.
But when you explore some pages. You can see google ads..!!
I have applied literal tag but still not getting ads on my main page.
I am using Langit XML template

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