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Thursday, August 28, 2008

10 Tips to Remember When Doing Shopping

1. First, you need to do a research. Check out the seller's track record before buying anything. Read the comments done by previous customers that shares their experience to that seller. Negative information is a warning sign, but a clean complaint record doesn't guarantee that your transaction will go smoothly.

2. Make a note. You need to get the name and contact information of the seller. Keep all your email correspondence for reference. You may wonder why, it is because it is helpful to check with the seller if there is any problem with the item. Remember not to do business with someone who do not want to give these information. A reputable seller or company will be pleased to provide you with lots of references.

3.Be cautious about collectibles and other expensive items. If you cannot physically examine the merchandise before purchasing it, ask for as much photos as you can. Save the photos and documents of the item because this can be a big help for you.

4.Before you pay for the item, ask about delivery, returns, warranties and other services. Get a definite delivery time and be sure that the shipment is insured. If you're buying appliances, find out if there is a warranty and how to get service.

5.Look for information on the auction site about insurance, some auction sites provide insurance that cover buyers up to a certain amount if something goes wrong. Others may have links to third-party programs that offer insurance for a fee. Read the terms of the insurance carefully, there is often a deductible, and there be other limitations or requirements that apply.

6.If you are now ready to do online shopping, remember not to give your personal information to a site. Read first the policy then if you don't like it you can shop somewhere else.

7. Be careful on using your credit card. Remember to use a credit card not a debit card. Unlike debit card, a credit card has a protection when it comes to limiting your liability for fraudulent use.

8. Carefully review your credit card and bank statement each month for unauthorized charges and notify your credit card company or bank immediately if you notice any charges you didn't authorize. Because some sites do these, since they got your credit card number it is easy for them to charge your card without your permission.

9. Keep a copy of your transaction. Print and save a copy of your online transaction including the product description, price and online receipt. Also keep the copies of emails you exchange with the seller.

10. Clean your computer before you leave. Make sure that you delete all personal information. Deleting files using mouse or keyboard commands are not enough, the files are still on the computer's hard drive, and it is easy to retrieve and a lot of scammers knows that. You can use a "wipe" utility program to overwrite the entire hard drive, it makes a files unrecoverable.
For a safer and wiser online shopping experience, make sure that you take note of these tips. And for the best deals in Australia, visit Oz Free Auctions today!

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