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Friday, June 27, 2008

Entrecard Quick Drop Pages

This is good news for Entrecard who use widgets.Effective July 1, 2008, Entrecard will be purging from its system the accounts of all members currently operating "Quick Drop Pages". We have assembled a massive list of all quick drop pages, and starting on the above mentioned date, we are going to go through the entire list and close the accounts of all the owners.

To avoid having your account with Entrecard permanently removed, you must take down your quick drop page before July 1. If we open a quick drop page with your widget on it, your account will be removed from Entrecard without warning.

What is a Quick Drop Page?Here is an example:ENTRECARD

Quick drop pages are single pages with your Entrecard widget, made to load quickly and display your widget and not much else. Many quick drop pages have just a widget, and maybe an ad or some other type of widget. If you have a quick drop page, you must take it down immediately.

Why are Quick Drop Pages bad?
Quick drop pages devalue our network as a whole, by motivating members to drop on the same, quick loading pages, en masse to gain credits quickly and efficiently. Their traffic is going to these quick drop pages instead of being dispersed among quality blogs. It goes against the spirit of Entrecard, and is essentially a scheme to gain credits quickly.

How will you find them?
Luckily for us, people running "quick drop", or "powerdrop" pages have listed themselves all over the internet, and we've amassed a list that we believe includes every power drop page in existence


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