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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

widget bucks is as adsense replacement

widgetbucks is a replacement adsense.You can call it that WidgetBucks features pay-per-click shopping widgets that help their customers make money fast. They instantly display the most popular products based on buying trends of 100 million shoppers. Thus they are highly engaging, which means instant dollars for our customers.

Publishers and bloggers can get the ball rolling with WidgetBucks’ instant sign-up bonus. The instant signup bonus is $25. The minimum payout requirement is $50 so so $25 signup bonus gets you half way to your first check! The Widgetbucks referral program is awesome, publishers can earn full 10% of the commissions earned by the people they refer. Affiliates receive this 10 percent for the full 12 months after the new member joins. Payouts to affiliates are monthly, along with their commission checks.

Higher CPM and good PPC make it look like an Adsense Replacement.

The major flaw seen with widgetbucks is how they adjust their CPM. many publishers have complained that the more traffic they give them the lower the CPM. A publisher started with just 400 impressions a day and then moved up to 2000. At 2000 for 2 days the CPM reported was less than $2. At 400 it was quite a bit more. If widgetbucks offers a CPM of just $2 then adsense clearly beats them. Not to mention the CPM visible in the widgetbucks control panel is based on the pending amount which apparently is up for change. AdSense shows what it pays for the most part. So relying on widgetbucks as of now gives cold feet.

With WidgetBucks, you can start earning more money today — and keep your focus on publishing.

1. Higher eCPMs Hands down, WidgetBucks exceeds traditional publisher’s CPM targets of $1-$2
2. Content vs. ads WidgetBucks delivers engaging, contextual, rich-media widgets that complement your site content
3.Easy deployment Placing customized code on your site takes just minutes, and only MerchSense auto-optimizes your widget rotation based on performance tracking

*I like their animation,visitor appeal
*25$ sign up bonus.
*Payments by Paypal
*Active support
*Referrals embedded in normal ads
*High eCPM

*Loading time.Though they have worked upon it, still it needs improvement.
*Limited Formats
*Payments are sent 45 days after you cross minimum payout,i.e 50$
*Referral program.You don't have an estimate how much can you make by referring a *blogger


Google have their normal indexes, though they still show up in the sponsored links section. When running without Javascript used to have a hidden link to the Widgetbucks homepage.

So if you want to start with wigetbucks please log on widgetbucks and be happy!

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