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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Using Forum With Making Money

Internet forums are a popular way of socializing and holding discussions on any topic. These forums are popularly known as message or bulletin boards. Now, these forums have turned into a sort of a community, where members can discuss anything. They can seek advice, solve their problems by consulting with other members, etc. These forums are also divided into topics concerning various aspects like relationships, a specific product, a game, fashion, etc.

Many Internet lingos are widely used in these forums. The best thing about these Internet forums is that it also has the potential to generate some serious cash. The trick to make cash using Internet forums is simple. The following tips will give you some ideas to make money out of discussions.

Joining a Forum: This requires a certain amount of research. First, identify your potential customers and find out which websites and forums they frequently visit. If your business is related to selling super bikes, join a community that has similar interests.
Obey the Rules: When you join the forum, do not indulge in trolling and other activities that can get you banned from the forum. Read the terms and conditions carefully before joining any forum.

Offer your expertise: When you join a forum, don’t start off immediately by marketing your products. We all know that time is money, but if you want to make money through Internet forums, you require a little patience to make money. When your fellow members face any problem or need some suggestions to buy a bike (or any product/ service), offer your expertise. Let them know that you can solve their problems assuring them to trust you. It would be much more easy to sell your products, once they trust you.

Develop a good marketing strategy: Strategy is the keyword for any business. While using Internet forums, remember that there are fewer dos and more don’ts. This is because there are many restrictions that some forums have. Try abiding to them. Don’t try and sell your products forcibly. That is a huge turn off for the members. Once your fellow members are assured that you are an expert in your field, try to suggest your products and give a brief description for it. But again, don’t always talk about business. Share your hobbies and interests with others. Not all forums allow using marketing links. Do a research and you will find some forums that allow their usage.

Use a signature: As some forums don’t allow including links in their posts, using a forum signature is the next best thing. Your signature usually opens a new page that gives personal information about yourself. If other members like your postings, they will surely visit your profile. In order to promote your products or services you can include a link in your profile page that will enable other members to view your products.
View other profiles: Show some interest towards other members. View their profiles and get an idea of their likes and dislikes.

You can use these forums to your best advantage by advertising your business. The best way to know your fellow forum members is by posting your comments and participating in debates. Once they know that you are the expert, everything depends on your selling skills. Last word of advice, don’t limit yourself to just one forum, join as many as you can.

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