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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Traffic And Search Engine Optimization Explained??

Traffic, is simply the visitors you receive to your website following the correct application of Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is a process of choosing the most appropriate targeted keyword phrases related to your site and ensuring that this ranks your site highly in search engines so that when someone searches for these specific phrases your site at No.1.

It basically involves fine tuning the content of your site along with the HTML, Meta tags, images and on the page internal linking structure, plus carefully targeted off the page link building process. The most popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, MSN Search, AOL and Ask Jeeves.

Search engines keep ranking algorithms a secret, to reward the search engine users with the most relevant sites searched for, and to deter spammers or 'cloakers' from clogging those results. A search engine may use thousands of factors while ranking the listings where the factors themselves and the weight each carries may change continually. Algorithms can differ so widely that a webpage that ranks 1 in a particular search engine could rank 400 in another search engine.

New sites need not be manually "submitted" to search engines to be listed. A simple link from a well established site will get the search engines to visit the new site and begin to spider its contents. I recommend purchasing a text link from an established website. It may be seemingly costly for just one link, but based on the volume of traffic you are likely to receive from this link, consider it an investment.

It can take a few days to even weeks from the referring of a link from such an established site for all the main search engine spiders to commence visiting and indexing the new site.

You may want to hire someone to work with you on these issues, there are specialist companies on the net who you can turn to.

Search engine marketing and promotion companies, will look at the plan for your site and make recommendations to increase your search engine ranking and website traffic. If you wish, they will also provide ongoing consultation and reporting to monitor your website and make recommendations for editing and improvements to keep your site traffic flow and your search engine ranking high.

However, this CAN be very costly, and over periods of time, search engine algorithms can change, thus diminishing the ranking of your site. There is only one true way to learn how to get Traffic and learn SEO, and that is to do it yourself to save yourself the continual expense and gain an education in the process.

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