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Monday, December 10, 2007

Radio Frequency Identification

Radio Frequency Identification also known as RFID has revolutionized our technology and made our life much simpler than earlier. If we actually see then we are using this technology in each and every place and almost everywhere. Though there are bar codes which fulfill somewhat the similar objective still they lack the flexibility which is present in Radio Frequency Identification or RFID. Basically RFID belongs to the family of Automatic Identification and Data Capture which is also abbreviated as AIDC. The basic purpose of RFID is to identify anything or any material object to which it can be attached. It's just like a roll number which is assigned to a student in a classroom. The card that you use to withdraw money from the ATM, or to pay your bill at the petrol station or in any other shop for purchasing things, uses RFID technology. The complete plastic money system is based on the RFID system. It is the RFID which stores your personal information and enables you to make a safe and pre-determined transaction.
Now like a bar code reader, a RFID system also requires a RFID Reader in order to read the information that is stored in the strip which is attached to a particular thing which is mostly a plastic card. However, it is to be noted that the communication which takes place between the transponder and the RFID reader doesn't require a wire connection. Moreover the system also does not require a line of sight between the devices in order to read the information.
RFID readers also work on particular principle and they too have some devices along with them in order to read the information stored in the RFID transponder. Transponder is basically the thing which stores the information and sends it to the reader via radio waves which is then captured by the reader. Precisely, RFID reader comprises of a module, a control unit and a coupling element. The module comprises of the transmitter and the receiver and the coupling unit means the antenna. The reader in order to read the information has to perform three functions namely energizing, demodulating and decoding. Though this process the reader can read the information stored in the RFID. There are certain types of enhancements also which further increases the ability of these readers through which they can read a large number of tagged objects simultaneously. However it also ensures at the same time that each tag is read only once. This can be done through Anti-Collision algorithms.

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