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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Graphic Design Services And Tips From A Graphic Design Firm

When choosing graphic design firms to provide you with specific services, it is important that the firm you choose and the service you use has a firm grasp and good understanding on all the various aspects of design.

With specialist design, as you might very well have guessed, there is far more than just meets the eye. For instance, it is important to know the the meanings of color when constructing customer orders. What colors are complementary and which ones symbolise a particular meaning?

For instance, the colour orange and the colour red are known as "warm" colours. Both of these colours are the colour most commonly associated with the element of fire. Although there are blue and green flames as well, the colours blue and green in graphic design, are known as cool colours because they are most commonly associated with water.

What type of feelings do you suppose the use of each of these colours create or evoke? Blue is the colour that is most trusted by customers and it's use increases conversions at a higher percentage than the use of other colours when used on a salesletter salespage. You don't want just plain print, but you do not want clutter either. The page needs to make good use of space and have a happy medium between too many images and not enough images to fully balance and complement the salesletter for maximum effectiveness.

It is also important to know the exact hues and shades of colours rather than just guessing. Did you know that the term when used by a graphic design firm, "colour saturation" or just "saturation" means the brilliance or actuality of the colour as it exists in its purest form? So the more saturated a color is, the more of its pure form is present without any black to darken it or change its shade.

The graphic header does not need to take up too much of the virtual real estate that could be used with the copy headline. If the customer or website visitor hhas to scroll down just to see the headline, then that means that the graphic header was too large and went outside of the box too much. This can be corrected by the firm when you bring it to their attention.

Also, the footer does not need to be overly ostentatious, but just enough to provide a good sense of closure and necessary details like copyright year, design firm name, etc.

The basic foundation or stepping stones of graphic design services are comprised of the use of white space, color, lines, textures and shapes. Once these core elements and their use together are mastered, then you know that the foundation of the graphic design firm or the person offering you the graphic design service is a professional. Contrast, the use of repeatable and consistent themes and alignment can all be added to the fundamentals of graphic design services.

In other words, how a firm presents the images, words, ideas and displays them largely dictates the effectiveness of how the person who sees the webpage will respond to the webpage.

It is my sincere opinion that graphic designs should be used to iterate certain important key points and ideas to bring clarity, form and focus to the principles covered in order to provide the very best graphic design service.

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