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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Engagement Ring/Wedding Ring

An engagement ring is worn by a woman on her ring finger. That indicates she is going to be married very soon. It is said that a vein (known as 'love vein') in fourth finger of left hand directly goes to heart. The engagement ring is presented by a man to his would be bride after she accepts the marriage proposal. Engagement ring is often significantly expensive and acts as visible demonstration of a man's commitment to his betrothed.

In Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Brazil, and the Netherlands, both the man and the woman wear engagement rings. The man's engagement ring eventually serves as the wedding ring in these countries.

In certain countries (UK, other Commonwealth Nations, USA, Mexico Brazil) engagement rings are worn on left ring finger. In most other parts of world (like Norway, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland or Russia), it is worn on right ring finger.

Wedding rings are worn to symbolize marriage as lifelong commitment, love and a romantic rite of passage till eternity. It is presented by bride and groom to each other at the time of marriage ceremony. In some European countries (like Greece), before marriage the ring is worn on the left hand, and then transferred to the right during the marriage ceremony. That means the same engagement ring becomes wedding ring after marriage.

Engagement rings are made of Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Titanium and Platinum (for better protection of Gems). The band of rings is made using Gold, Sliver, or Titanium mounted by at least one Diamond. Although more than one diamond is also used for making engagement rings, but most popular form is one diamond engagement ring. Other precious or semi precious gems like sapphires, star sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are also used, but Diamond Rings are most popular. The reason behind that is the fact that Diamond is rare, most enduring, beautiful and expensive gem.

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