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Friday, December 14, 2007

Do You Want US$100 From Blogging?

I get tons of emails everyday and I stumbled upon one very interesting and new site call , the concept is similar to

What the website does is that people can search at the website for bloggers with high traffic and you can buy reviews from bloggers for a fee.

Meaning let say someone wants me to write something on my blog, and I charge them US$100 for it. So the advertiser will pay me US$100 for it and I just post on my blog a review of his products and services.

So I just did that last month or so, I managed to get one job and I did a review which the advertiser paid me for US$100.

However, the price of reviews normally is determine by the number of traffic you have on your blog so if your blog is new don't expect a high fee. Normally blog about 3 months old will get about US$10 for one post depending how much you want to set.

Never the less, you can still give it a try. One tip if you are into this, the good thing about SponsoredReviews is you can search for advertisers who are interested and ask them if they are interested for a review.

Most famous bloggers I know are earning quite a lot from doing reviews and advertisement fees so that is why Traffic is important.

In general No Traffic = Less Chances Advertisers Would Want to Advertise.

If you are wondering is it worth to pay for reviews, it really works as I have seen my friend just spent US$200 on one very popular blog and the returns was CRAZY!

From a super unknown blog, just because of one review, that review actually viral as the blogger wrote it very viral and interesting. My friend actually got a huge response for US$200 he got in return if I not wrong about close to a few hundred hits!

On top of that, because it is a blog post, the blog he advertises was PR 5. He got a free PR 5 link + there will be chances that the article will also be searchable on search engine.

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