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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Blog traffic from entrecard

Lasr friday I join Entrecard with one of my new blogs just to experiment how it works and if traffic is going to increase.

Entrecard is the first and only free exchange network for 125x125 ads. Through this revolutionary platform, you can advertise your own 125x125 Entrecard on any blog in the network, for free, for a number of days.

Only You have to sign up entrecard and all Your Blogs Information ,after that You palce Entrecard Widget which is looks like this

You pay for this advertising with Entrecard Credits, that you earn for free by networking (a.k.a. visiting blogs and dropping your card for other bloggers).

How are credits earned?
You earn 1 credit every time you drop your card for someone else.
You earn 1 credit every time someone else drops their card for you.
You earn credits every time someone advertises on your widget.

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