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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Basics Of Web Conversions

Just like the offline world, one should never confuse marketing for sales. Online, the disparity between the two is quickly brought to notice when stats in the log-file show numerous visits with no sales made. This is why it is prudent to first streamline your conversions techniques in increasing web revenues. Conversion happens as a result of synergy amassed from sales and marketing.

Marketing involves exposing potential customers to numerous messages about your offer. Online this may be done using Search Engines, syndicated articles, Pay per Click (PPC) Ads etc. The messages have the express intention to create the inclination to visit your website and propensity to take up your offer.

Essentially marketing should warm up your prospects and make them more receptive to a sales pitch. However propensity to buy is not buying. Indeed all marketing is able to do is create room for sales conversion.

On the other hand, attempting to convert your visitors without doing your due diligence can frustrate even the best conversion strategies. This is probably the reason for the meager C.R online. Cold leads are very hard to sell. Coupled with the fact that few visitors ever return to a website, you could as well have only one shot to convert your visitors into customers.

The fact that sales online have significantly different dynamics to off-line sales, introduces a learning curve even to expert salesmen and copy-writers. This is without mentioning that conversion whether online or off, is in itself a complex process. These not withstanding, proven principles have been identified that always work. These fundamentals do not change regardless of medium in use.

When a warm lead arrives on your sales page they want to be sold, or should we say convinced? This may sound untrue because what we commonly know as selling are pushy and forceful insurance salesmen and network marketers. But what they do is not selling, it is, well, pushing and forcing.

In contrast selling is an art and science of persuasion that involves matching customer need to product features. It further involves guiding the prospect to take action now.

Consequently the basics of online conversion depend on a purposeful and well structured process of prospecting, creating awareness and propensity to buy - marketing. It is then followed by a systematic persuasion that attends to both the emotive and logical needs of the customer with the express intent of matching product or service to customer needs and wants - sales.

A seamless process of marketing and selling forms the foundation of an optimal conversion rate (C.R).Trying to sell your visitor without marketing to them will always result to a lower conversion rate.

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