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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Xbox 360: Your media centre.!!

The Video Gaming industry has taken a huge leap over the years. From Nintendo gaming console to the Sega Genesis, and now Xbox 360-the journey so far has only been exciting. Online gaming is fast catching up with other popular modes of entertainment and is a complete rage with the kids and youngsters. Over the years, there has been a concentrated effort from the manufacturers to remodel consoles from gaming devices to a comprehensive entertainment device. A device which not only allows users to play games but also offers other forms entertainment.

The Xbox was a technological marvel and its successor Xbox360 is a step ahead of that. Surely hard to express! The Xbox 360 comes with a wireless controller, standard HD AV cable, a network cable, a headset and with 20 GB storage. There are also many features and accessories which are available separately. The Xbox gaming console is more than a video game console as it offers a host of other features for consummate entertainment.

With your Xbox 360, you can compete online with other 360 users. The console has facilities to stream and download movies, songs, digital images and game content. You can also watch your favourite TV shows on your console. Rip, edit and create your own version of songs. The high-definition music facilities ensure that you get nothing but a superior listening experience. There is also a facility with HD DVD accessory which allows you to watch DVD movies in original style. The console also allows you to chat with your buddies while playing your favourite game. The console is a complete entertainment centre that offers more than gaming to a user.

With so much to offer, the Xbox 360 is truly astounding. So, don’t wait…gear up for the next challenge on your console, right away!

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