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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tips to create great blog entries and make money out of them!

What can make your posters feel that they can believe that you are writing good, informative, believable artices?, Making posts is one thing but writing effective blog posts is another.

Keep these tips in mind and you will be doing great!

1. Write articles not blog entries - Every post should be long, detailed, and if possible, informative.

2. Use pictures - Pictures are always great. They will not only be found when people are searching keywords but people like pictures. People like a bit of eye candy when they are reading blog entries.

3. Add a mood - When you are writing your blog posts add a bit of flavor to your posts. Make it sound like how you would talk. It is always great to add a bit of yourself to your posts. Your readers will love it.

4. Spell correctly - What do readers think when they see misplelled words in your content? They think that if you spell wrong the thing you wrote could also be wrong.

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