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Monday, November 19, 2007

Social Bookmarking The Traffic Generator Of Tomorrow

No matter why type of job or career you have, social networking is a good idea. It used to be that most did this sort of thing over the produce section of the grocery store, or at the local bar happy hour. Some did this at church, and often communities would have activities and events meant to draw people together. Most networking was about meeting people and striking up a conversation. Today, this can also be done online, but some wonder if it has the same affect as in-person communication.

There is something impersonal about talking with people online. Though many can meet their mates there, or form wonderful friendships, this is done online first, but always then goes personal either via phone or meeting in person. The same should be said for social networking. I can’t think that I would offer someone information about a position I had heard about just because they were my ‘friend’ on a social networking site. It’s possible I suppose, but it would have to be a very strong connection between the two of us.

If your purpose for having a space on a site like Myspace is work related, you should really think about what you put on that site. Most aren’t aware that contacts and potential employers often use these sites to see what a person is really like before they decide if they want to hire them. If you have pictures of wild parties and even some other types of very questionable pictures up on social networking sites, and your potential employer sees them, you may have just talked yourself out of a very good job. It’s good to remember that nothing is private when online.

There’s nothing wrong with responsible social networking online, but make sure you do it in person as well. People are losing touch with their communities, and I find that I am a bit guilty of this as well. Online contacts are great, but you have to have friends and contacts in your town as well. This means you have a network that supports you when those online are no where near when you need help or support. You may even find it to be a huge relief to get off the computer and find some friends the old fashioned way. You may find more people out there just like you, that have lost touch and want some in person friendships to balance out their lives.

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