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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Run Your Car On Water - Get Better Gas Mileage!!!

You might have heard about the new revolutionary system that let's you use water as fuel. So let's go deeper into that subject.

The controversial electric car created lots of fuzz and buzz about alternative fuel and many different ways of increasing gas mileage. The electric car had some amazing perspectives - but it was "killed", many believe for political reasons.

Some savvy drivers and car owners started looking into making a car much more fuel efficient. Some came out with a system that allows you to run your car on water. Non-sense you think? Well, think again.

Our car's engines are designed in a specific way - a bad way. An average engine only burns 20% of the gas, where does the other 80% go? Most of it comes out of your exhaust unburned - causing more pollution, some of it heats your engine for no good reason and some of it simply gets trapped in the engine causing poor engine's performance.

When you convert your car to run on water you simply help burning the gas; reduce the pollution and get the best gas mileage possible. The conversion itself is very simple and very effective. Some users claim an amazing 75% increase in fuel economy of their car, regardless if it's a compact 3 cylinder car or a huge 300 horse power V8 truck. You could convert your car to use water as gas using things that lay around your house.

When you do install the system in your car it does not damage your car, in fact in cleans up your engine and makes it long lasting, it also reduces the engine's noise and typical wear and tear of the parts. You could take the system off of your engine at any time - it is completely untraceable.

More and more people around the globe wish to increase gas mileage and reduce the pollution; some of these folks buy ugly prototypes, others prefer to keep the car they love and convert. Save yourself some money, convert your car to run on water.

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