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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Online Dating-Choosing a catchy username

Having a personal profile on any social sites on the internet gives you the chance to hook up with anyone around the world. So if you are into a global dating fun, you must learn to attract someone by using the right alias to engage attention with you. has the right advices and tips that will lead you to the outskirts of online dating.

Online dating doesn’t only give you the chance to meet someone online, it also gives you a chance to reinvent yourself. By using usernames of course!

Usernames are integral parts of the online dating scene. Sometimes that’s all that an online dater bases her decision to check out a profile on. So make sure that your username could steadily attract potential partners. If it’s not then you probably won’t enjoy taking up online dating in the first place.

A username could tell a lot about the personality of a person. This is important when online dating because you don’t have the assurance that the username, however plain it may be, is a person’s real name. In fact, it is inadvisable to use your real name when it comes to online dating. Be creative and reinvent yourself when you log online.

One good thing to incorporate in your username is your hobby. Like “baseballfreak” or “rugbydude”. It shows a glimpse of what your interests are. If you’re looking for a partner that you’re sure you’re going to click with, then it’ll probably be the ones that will check out names like these.

You could also use light hearted names like “coolman” or “chillbud”. But of course usernames like these project the image of fun and friendship rather than serious relationships. If you’re only dating online to look for fun activities to do and friends to do them with, then you could go by these names.

You could also put in your place of residence in your username. Though it doesn’t have to be specific like Tom Hanks’s in You’ve Got Mail. Just putting in your city will greatly help searchers to limit their search geographically. If an online dater for example sees Paris, London, NY or Vienna in your username for example, she’ll immediately think that you’re from the area. So make use of that perception to get the most out of online dating.

If you can’t think of anything else, you could try playing up your name a number then adding a number. It always work but of course it doesn’t project any image of you whatsoever. If you’re called Dherick for example, try “Rhickz22” or something. Some may view this as boring but it’s a hell of a lot better than “humongousdick”.

You could also use exotic words for usernames. Try looking for foreign language terms for translations. When users see usernames like these, it immediately makes them wonder what it could mean. You could try translating your favorite characteristic into a foreign language and use that. Or use some interesting word that you would associate with your personality. “Onerios” for example if you’re esoteric and are into dreams or “voyageurdemonde” which means a world traveler in French.

Some names to avoid are the self-depreciating ones like “smartbutslow” or “cutebutshallow”. It may come out as funny but most online daters pass over their profiles. Also, don’t use usernames that are filled with bitterness like “brokenhearted” or “cheaterhater”. Online daters gravitate to other daters who are positive about using the online dating opportunity. So make sure that you seem like you enjoy life even from username alone.

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