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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Internet Marketing Experts In Asia!!

In recent years, Asia has developed to become one of the foremost internet marketing
boom areas, particularly in Singapore and Malaysia. As more and more events take off
in this part of the world, outstanding internet marketers are starting to blaze the
trail and offer marketers in the USA, UK and Europe opportunities for joint ventures
and other work.

For instance, Vince Tan, a Malaysian, was previously unknown until the launch of
"Keyword Anywhere" tool that has caught the imagination of the internet
marketing community through its killer application. Vince works with a more
prominent internet strategist, Kelvin Hui.

Gobala Krishnan, another Malaysian, who was also formerly unknown until the
development of the Easy Wordpress System that also proliferated the internet with
its step-by-step approach to blogging.

Joesph Then, a fairly experienced internet marketer, who has not yet been known in
Singapore but has a thriving business there, also runs several online businesses and
is armed with over 6 years of actual experience.

Jaz Lai is a new addition to the Singapore team of internet marketers. His claim to
fame is in network marketing online, and has fascinating ways to build a list

These are five figure a month internet marketers, and it is likely that before the
end of this year, six-figure income marketers will be created in the heartlands of

The community effort is now being forged at and all
marketers are invited to beta test the platform. With more opportunities to network,
there will most definitely be a greater number of join ventures and more money to be

To update the list of top internet marketers in Asia, please go to

About the author

Stuart Tan is the bestselling author of the book "Secrets of Internet
Millionaires" and helps newbies and beginners develop foundational skills
toward achieving success online. He recently compiled a list of">internet
marketing experts in Asia and seeks more collaboration amongst Asian internet marketers.

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