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Friday, November 30, 2007

Moving Butts to Your Dance Floor

If you are having problems getting that party started quickly, read on.

The disco ball's spinning and booze is flowing, but the guests are neither shaking their thangs nor getting their grooves on ' this, even though they've been informed the roof is on fire. What to do?

How about hiring a party motivator? Such a thing exists. Seriously. These men and woman go into office parties, wedding reception or bar/bat mitzvahs and, like catalysts in a funky science project, add the ingredients that turn a party into a par-tay.

Eddie Bruce a popular Philadelphia area band leader, has used motivators to bolster the energy of private parties for more than 20 years. Once the music starts, motivators go out on the dance floor and boldly lead the meek in the latest moves by making it look fun and easy. Bruce should know what it takes to motivate a party. He hosted Dancin on Air back at the dawn of the Reagan Era and his cabaret act closed at the Prince Music Theater. Motivators, need dancing talent and a knowledge of current popular music while possessing a convincing air of friendliness. Bruce uses them whenever he organizes an event featuring DJs or bands, having between two to eight motivators per party. Parties typically start at $2,500 but can reach the sky depending on what a client desires. Motivators pull in $100 to $200 a party.

Sounds like a pretty good gig, no? Well, that's what aspiring motivators who recently headed to Club Flow for tryouts thought. Forty arrived; half would leave with a new gig. It is very important to hire the very best motivators for the wedding party or any other gig in order to get your guests off their butts and onto the dance floor.

"It's something I've wanted to do for a long time", explained New York native Rabiah Murtaza, who's trained jazz, hip-hop and flamenco. To get hired, Murtaza and the others had to show their wares to talent judge Matt Ostroff, who made it clear that some candidates had that special something. No. 3 came out string, brandishing a strobe light smile and aggressive moves that scored big points with Ostroff, who noted that "he doesn't need any training," But No.17, an attractive 20-something brunette, lost points by busting out with the Macarena.

It's a tough job, you've got to be fearless," Bruce confides. "You need a big ego"

Which makes perfect sense. Because anybody with a big ego most certainly wouldn't do the Macarena.

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