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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Monetize Your Swicki and Earn Revenue!

Personalizing web preferences nowadays has never been easier. Social Sites are a dime a dozen and draw user appeal from the interactive experience they provide. One such site is Eurekster. If you don’t know who they are then keep reading. Eurekster is the creator of the Swicki? What’s a swicki you ask? Swicki’s are user made search engines tailored to specific areas of interest. Instead of combing through pages and pages of search engine results Swicki’s provide easy to find specific results. How can you monetize one? Just like a blog you can make one very quickly and free of charge. Also like a blog you have the option of using advert programs like adsense. Once you’ve made one or several they need to be promoted just like websites and blogs or you won’t get traffic. How can you promote a Swicki? Let’s take a look.

1) Write an Article – Writing an article can be one of the most effective was to promoting anything online. Remember to be specific in your writing, keep it on topic and be sure you’re offering something to the reader. Very important also – leave the URL to your Swicki at the end of the article.

2) Post a Blog – Post a blog about your swicki. The great thing about Swicki’s is you can put the search box on you blog or webpage so the user physically sees it. When you’ve completed your blog write an article about that too. This will help create additional traffic and awareness. Remember to make use of blog directories as well and submit your blog to the appropriate ones.

3) Website – If you have a website reserve an area for your Swicki. This is effective as it gives users an additional option when visiting your site.

4) Social Sites – Social Sites like Digg are more and more becoming a large source of driving traffic. Be sure to promote your Swicki’s through this avenue.

5) Signature – When you send an e-mail leave your Swicki signature by providing the recipient with a link back to your Swicki.

6) Forums – Web forums have always been a stellar way to promote webpages and can be used for Swicki’s as well. Find forums that relate to the topic of your Swicki and get involved in the community.

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