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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

MLM Training - Effective Selling Technique Makes Sales Natural, Easy and Enjoyable

The first time you hear or read this mlm training tip it may seem a little odd. But by the end of this article it will make sense to you. The tip is: Never sell what the prospect won't buy.

How can you accomplish this? The quick answer is: Do not mention to the prospect what you're selling until you know they will buy it!

It's as simple as that.

During the qualifying section of the Inviting Formula, you simply ask what your prospect needs/wants or doesn't want. By doing this, you're basically asking them what they WILL buy. Once you find that out, use it as your selling point. This is what they will buy! How do you know for sure they will buy it? They said they would!

As an example, if I'm talking with an MLM business prospect who answered an ad for "working from home," I then ask them why they would want to work from home. If they say, "So I can spend more time with my children" - that is what the prospect will buy!

I don't know if he'll buy, "debt free company with 12 international patents." I don't know if he'll buy -"my upline is making $20,000 per month." But what I know he'll buy is - "spend more time with my children." So that's all I sell!

In another example, let's suppose your MLM business is focused on selling skin care products. You tell that person you have a product that gets rid of pimples and that person replies, "I don't get pimples." Well, you just destroyed your sale. From that point it's very awkward to back up and say, "Well I have a product that reduces wrinkles."

Instead, start by asking something like, "Do you use skin care products?" "What do you use them for?" With the answers you get, you're able to communicate and sell them what they need, not what they don't need.

A sharp salesperson knows exactly what their customer should buy, even more than the customer. If a person walks into a store to buy a drill bit, for example, the smart hardware salesperson will ask enough questions to get all the information before they make a recommendation. Questions like, "How big of a hole do you need?" "How deep do you need the hole?" "What material are you drilling through?" By asking the right questions, that salesperson will sell exactly what that prospect needs. You see, the prospect didn't need a drill bit; they needed a hole.

Another angle on this is to eliminate what your prospect doesn't want and then use that data to figure out the right products for them.

In short the success of your MLM business depends on your ability to sell. A) You must know how to sell your product. B) You have to know how to sell your MLM business opportunity. And, C) you must provide the right MLM training so the people you sponsor know how to do both A and B listed above.

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