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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Loose Lips: Angelina Jolie Talks 'Beowulf,' 'A Mighty Heart' and Life at Home

When you’re in the presence of Angelina Jolie, it’s all about those famously luscious lips.

But while they may have launched a zillion rhapsodic adjectives on newsstands and the blogosphere when she first arrived so bee-stung on the scene, today it’s the words coming forth from that famous mouth that catch everyone’s attention. With an Oscar on the mantle, an adorable multicultural clan at home, an equally famous, gorgeous and talented paramour on her arm and hundreds of hours of humanitarian efforts to her credit, Jolie stands firmly at the epicenter of the popular culture.

So it’s no wonder spent the better part of a weekend in L.A. listening to the superstar hold court on a wide range of subjects, from being three months pregnant in her unexpectedly exposed scenes in Robert Zemeckis’s computer-animated fantasy Beowulf to the enduring emotional effects of playing journalist Mariane Pearl in the tragic true-life tale A Mighty Heart (a performance which, thanks to a new audience on DVD, is making her Oscar buzz grow louder by the second) to bringing her roles home to Brad Pitt and the kids.

Question: How did you end up playing this shape-changing seductress from history’s oldest known story?
Angelina Jolie: I was excited I got a call that I was going to be working with Bob Zemeckis, and I was pretty much saying yes to anything. Then I was told I was going to be a lizard. [Laughs] Then I was brought into a room with Bob and a bunch of pictures and examples, and he showed me this picture of a woman half-painted gold, and then a lizard. And, I’ve got kids and I thought “That's great. That's so bizarre. I'm going to be this crazy reptilian person and creature.” I was very excited. And then I met with Crispin [Glover, who plays Grendel] and we had a great time, and just amazing scenes. And then I saw the poster--and saw a few other things--and I realized I'm not just a lizard. [Laughs] But I'm very excited about it. It was just great. She's one of those fun characters. She's evil and she's temptation and she's very fun to play.

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