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Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Importance Of Having An Obese Wife??

There are few women that are as useful as an obese wife. She is more useful than the legendary sacred cow. It is true that she does not pull a plow or supply gallons of milk but she has many other assets. Obese wives are known as the work horse of the family. She will work until she is totally exhausted. Without her the foundation of the family would be weakened. The kitchen is her main domain where she is in charge of serving the household. Even if she eats half the food in the refrigerator she is highly valued as the cook. Because of her enormous appetite she is forced to spend much of her time on the toilet bowl. Her desire to serve is unmatchable. She will perform any task that is possible for her family and never complain. She is extremely unattractive so no normal man will desire her; because of this her husband is assured of her loyalty. New clothing or cosmetics are the last thing on the mind of a very heavy wife. She has accepted her bulky body and will never make any attempt to beautify it. Her husband doesn’t have to spend any money wining and dining her because she is not interested in being seen in public. The only time she will leave the house is to go food shopping or fix the garden. The costs of keeping her are next to nothing since she desires only food

The inner beauty of the obese wife is almost beyond description. From within her comes a burst of protective energy that envelopes all those that are near. She is constantly worried about the health of her family, and disregards the damage being done to her own body by being two hundred pounds overweight. All the closet space in the house is reserved for the family. Her clothes are packed in a cardboard box that is kept out of every ones way. Nobody in the family appreciates her self sacrifice; they just use her as a beast of burden. The neighbors say that she is fit to be an angel even if she does not look like one. They all agree that she has inner beauty, because on the outside she is a monstrosity. The obese wife is so sacrificial that she sleeps on the couch in order for her husband to get a good sleep. He claims that he needs to be in the bed alone. She grants him his wish even though they haven’t made love for years. There are few wives that are as useful as an obese one and you can see why.

The husband of the obese wife isn’t always one that values self sacrifice and loyalty. He is ingrained by nature with an “Ego Sex Booster” which forces him to make love to as many attractive women as he can find. One woman is not enough for him so he has to cheat on her. If he has a good job he will be roped in by one of those beauties and wind up in divorce court. The new wife will have expensive tastes and not do house cleaning or cooking. But she will always say yes to his romantic advances. He will become a sex slave and love it. No longer will he value inner beauty, but only worship his new wife’s curvy figure. They will go out dancing almost every night and be seen kissing in public. The neighbors will soon think that they are the perfect couple and believe it is a match made in heaven. It might be a match made in hell because they are a selfish sex crazed couple that care only about themselves. But his old family starts to accept his new and pretty wife. They love her upbeat personality and pleasant smile. His obese former wife is still in the kitchen cooking for what is left of the family. She has now gained fifty more pounds and has been warned by her doctor to cut down on the food.

It is a blessing to have an obese wife because they are useful and loyal. An appreciative and understanding man should never leave her for an attractive female who possesses only outer beauty. But many men would rather be with a lazy and selfish woman that has a good body then be married to a useful but obese woman. It is fortunate that there are men that can’t afford the cost of a new wife. Those men will be forced to stay with a heavy woman that is useful and loyal. It would be better for a married man if he learned to appreciate a good cook and homebody. Having a trophy wife can cause lots of problems if she is self centered. Besides that she might lose her figure and become obese, putting you back to where you started.

The nature of men must change. They have been programmed to look for and make love to lots of trophy women. If you research the lifestyles of the rich and powerful they always choose super attractive women for their wives. Many of those women are selfish and self centered, never are they fat and loyal. The perfect world would be a world full of obese women that were loved for their inner beauty. It is possible for that world to arrive within the next fifty years. Populations are exploding with heavy women. There are more fat women then ever before. That might be a good sign. We need more women that don’t mind staying in the kitchen.

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