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Saturday, November 24, 2007

How to Drive targeted Traffic to Your Website And Earn Lots of Cash in the Process.!

Every website needs traffic. The life of every business on the internet is the amount of visitors you have and can drive to your website on a daily basis. There are various means of generating website traffic. Unfortunately, most people think that driving traffic to their website entails only one thing and that is building the site! Wrong. If you have been involved in any form of business at all whether offline or online, you’ll realize that the soul of every viable business is in the amount of customers or clients it can make and how many sales it can generate. This of course depends on the amount of prospects they can get to buy their products and services.

There are various methods of generating traffic to your online business. They are grouped into two major classes:

1. Online Traffic Generation Methods
2. Offline Traffic Generation Methods

Because this is a series on traffic generation, we’ll start with looking at traffic generation methods offline.

Now I know that seems like a contradiction. I mean how could you use an offline based method of advertising to promote an online based product and services? Well, let me show you. The various ways through which you can generate and drive traffic o your website are

1. Advertising in the dailies.
2. Use of stickers on your car, door etc.
3. Banner advertising.
4. Billboard advertising.
5. Writing articles for newspapers.
6. Buying ad space in the newspapers.
7. Printing flyers for distribution.
8. Creating jingles for radio and TV Ads.
9. Printing of Business cards that could be handed out to people with your website address on it.
10. Exhibitions and Trade Fairs.
11. Printing your company name and website address on your clothes.
These are some of the many forms of promoting your website offline. Note that these methods look pretty simple but they are very effective forms of advertising.

Advertising in the dailies is not as hard and definitely not very expensive if you were to place your ads in the classified sections of the magazine. To do this, all you need do is call up the advertising manager of each newspaper publication you intend to advertise in and ask the current rates for their classifieds. Most times, their rates are really cheap. If you want a database of national dailies that you could advertise in, visit (Include real website from Google cash). They have in their listings over 250 newspapers with a reach of over 1 million subscribers. This way, your ads gets to be seen by about a million people. Follow carefully here. All you need is just about $750 a month on these adverts. If just one percent of those who see your ads were to visit your website, you’ll have ten thousand visitors –some ads have been known to do a lot better than pull 1% to the website. Now, let’s assume you sell products worth just $29 each. If just 200 people buy from you, you’ll end up with a net sales of about $5800 and a profit margin of $5050. That’s an incredible 500+% profit from just one campaign. Now, you see how profitable that can be. Not to mention the number of people who will visit your website as a result of the ads you put in the newspapers.


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