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Monday, November 19, 2007

Girls in Bikinis Dig GibLink - Your Global Internet Business Link!

If you haven't already joined GibLink, You may soon be wishing that you had. Go to and click on one of the ads to discover what all the excitement is about.

Perhaps you know someone who suffers from paralysis by analysis. They spend their time over analyzing every single little detail, and because they do they usually create something to cause them to wait, and watch, and worry; about something they haven't even taken the initiative to participate in. Then when the success comes to others, they say to their friends - "I almost ..." see, almost seldom gets things done.

Friend, there are two basic kinds of people who *DO* and people who *WATCH* people who *DO*. Take a sports celebrity. They make millions because they do and because the people that watch pay to see what they do.

Take a major motion picture actor or actress. Again, they do what people want to watch and they get paid large because of it. There are a few doers and a large number of watchers of the doers. Occasionally people also imitate the doers and often those people become doers themselves. Give a person a fish and they aren't hungry for a meal, but teach a person to fish and they have fish for the rest of their life.

See, imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery Here is the key...

The more I learn about Giblink the more excited I get.

Copy the success of some internet giants like You Tube and My Space and Go Daddy without re-inventing the wheel and you can see how that Giblink has the potential to be a *DOER* on the move.

When these guys came up with the Giblink Business Concept, it was not rush and get it out there. They did their research and took almost 2 years to create Giblink. Unlike the other big internet players, Giblink is letting its members share in the wealth instead of keeping it all to themselves.

Take a peek at the pay structure, (if you have seen it you know what I mean) it's well documented that exponential growth translates into a powerful payplan and add in the member revenue sharing and you're looking at a winning combination.

You invested in Google, right?

No? Maybe you were a watcher. Want to watch this one to, or are you going to be *DOER* this time? You can sit on white sandy beaches enjoying yourself while your staff you created market internet programs with you sitting at the top, or you can just watch.

Giblink could be the business opportunity of a Life Time, don't let it pass you by wishing you had. Everyday about more people join who could be under you if you were a member.

Think about it folks, use your Intelligence, go through the site a little bit at a time if you have to but...

Take a chance and don't just watch - Be a *DOER*, Jump On Board GibLink.

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