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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Forum Marketing Tips – Crucial Guidelines to Profit Wildly from Forums!

Forum marketing can be an effective strategy to build your business on the internet. One great advantage of forum marketing is that you’ll get valuable backlinks to your website or blog. Another benefit is that forum members will click on the link on your sig file if they’re interested; even non-members will also see your sig if the thread is picked up by the search engines. The more forum posts you make, the more backlinks you get, and the more popular your site becomes with your search terms.

Here’s some excellent forum marketing tips to maximize the moneymaking potential of forums:

1) Read the forum rules carefully. All forums have their own specific policies and regulations. A certain action might be acceptable in one forum, while it may violate the rules of another forum, even if both forums have the same theme.

For example, some forums allow graphics or colored text in your sig file, while some don’t. Some forums may allow mature language, while some don’t.

2) If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. I know how tempting it is to voice out your feelings and practice your freedom of speech; but if you want to be a member in good standing and build good relationships with other forum members, think twice before posting anything.

Sometimes, we simply cannot avoid offending others, so make sure you apologize once you realized you’ve upset anyone. It’s noble to admit your mistakes.

3) Include an attractive sig file. Some forums have certain unique rules you must observe when it comes to putting your sig files. Some don’t allow affiliate links in the sig files (but a link to your website or blog where you’re promoting an affiliate product is fine). Some forums allow graphics or colored text in your sig file, while some don’t.

Some forums don’t allow you to put any sig file at all; personally, I think it’s a waste of time posting at them unless you’re enjoying, learning, or helping others. If you’re unsure, you may lurk around to see if others are putting in their sig files. If others are not doing it, then there’s a good chance including a sig file may not be appropriate. Some of the forum members may even think you’re spamming. So read the rules and observe other posts carefully.

4) Adjust to the forum’s atmosphere and attitude. Blend in like a chameleon and write the way they write, so they’ll feel right away that you’re part of the group.

5) Help others by giving sound advice based on your knowledge or expertise, or by researching on the solution to their problem. With the availability of the internet, you have the capacity to find unlimited information that you desire to know. By posting helpful tips or advice, you’ll earn their respect and admiration.

6) If possible, be the first to start a thread on the most talked about or most in-demand topic, and give related tips or techniques that will “turn heads”. Remember to write an eye-catching thread title, but not one that misleads.

7) Don’t sell or promote anything. That’s your sig file’s job. If the members are asking anything and your site or free report is in line with the subject of discussion, you may subtlely mention it as long as it’s helpful and not promotional in nature.

8) Show your appreciation and thank people who have helped you. In the Warriors forum, they even put a beer icon that allows you to send money to a member. It’s a good way to give back when someone helps you out.

Hope these forum marketing tips help you earn big money online. Remember to always observe the rules, because one mistake can get your membership cancelled. Happy posting!

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