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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Every Web Site Should Include!

There are hundreds of article directories out there.
It is not worth your while submitting your articles to all of them; best to choose a few good sites and submit lots of different articles to your chosen sites.

How do you select them though?
That’s quite simple; follow someone who has gone before, for example, me!
Here I will review some of the directories which I, personally, use.

Reviews Article Directory


The favorite has got to be
EzineArticles, at the time of writing, has a pagerank of 6, is easy to use and draws in a steady flow of traffic.
You can include live links within the article body, not just the resource section, providing the links are not within the first three paragraphs.
With EzineArticles, once you submit at least 10 articles, you become a ‘platinum’ level author which, aside from the perceived superior status, means that your articles get reviewed quicker.
The site also provides very decent statistics of each article.


ArticleAlley has a pagerank of 5.
It is a reasonable site to use. Modifying articles takes approximately twice as long to do as should be necessary.
What I don’t like about ArticleAlley is the fact that they attach a standard ‘About the Author’ section to each article.
This means that you have each article linking to one page, probably your homepage.
It would be better to link each article to a related article on your website.

“” has a pagerank of 4.
It is a rather busy site, aesthetically speaking, and the author login area is tucked away a little bit too well on the left hand side of the page.
To see the page views of each article you actually have to go TO the article, i.e. there is not an article stats section.
There are options to add photographs and also, you may include live links within the article body.

“” also has an excellent pagerank of 6.
What is rather nice about ArticleCity is that you can submit an article without first registering an account.
When starting out with article marketing, opening all those accounts, waiting for the conformation email and all those tedious necessities can be very annoying, so to come across a site for which you don’t need to register and receive a password, is a relief.
You also get the option of submitting articles in bulk which can save time if you have a lot to submit in one go.
What is NOT good about this system is that you cannot then find your articles again if you should need to edit them.


Same story again with ArticleBiz.
High pagerank of 6, no need to register first but then, finding and modifying your articles again is an impossibility.
It is worth submitting your articles here all the same, as the site is well respected, well ranked and well trafficked.

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