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Saturday, November 24, 2007

An Easy Way To Hide IP Address!

No one likes someone overseeing what they are doing. Specially if it is the Internet, such interference is definitely not invited. On the Internet, person usually browse with the idea that they are alone and no one is watching them, but that is exactly what does happen. The thing is each computer connected to the World Wide Web has an IP address which is given by the Internet Service Provider. This IP address is the sole identifying factor of a computer's Internet activity. That means, the IP address can reveal each and every communication a person using that computer has completing on the Internet, including all the websites they have browsed.

However the want of such a device is justified on security grounds, several people do consider recording and tracing computers with IP addresses is a infraction of their secret. It could also be an invitation for hackers and such antisocial elements to seek out private data about the computer user, if the computer is a personal terminal and then create complicated problems. For such reasons, it becomes necessary sometimes to hide IP address of the computer.

Though, there is no reason to worry. Technology has accorded us with a very simple, efficient and perfectly legal method to fake IP addresses. It is called as an IP masking or IP faking software system, and a very popular product in this line is developed by IP masking or IP faking software. Let us see how this system works.

When anyone logs on to the Internet, the IP address of the computer is relayed over the domain. Anyone in that domain can then get access to the IP address and come to know which computer it belongs to. Since IP addresses are unique to computers, this is very easy to do.

But a product like IP masking or IP faking software will break this direct connection of a computer with the Internet. It will connect through a fake IP relay system, which will generate a fake IP for the computer. Anyone tracking the IP address of the computer will then see this fake IP and not the original one that was provided by the Internet Service Provider. This will mask the original IP, but anyone trying to track the computer will not know that it is fake.

In fact, such hide IP address software will provide a list of countries from which the log in can be made. The generated IP address will show the computer is connected from another country altogether.

IP masking software are very user friendly and convenient to use. Many people are using them to get supremacy security and privacy in their Internet communications.

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